Red e App featured in global launch of Google’s #WeArePlay campaign

Red e App

Red e App, the world leader in creating non-desk and frontline employee engagement and connection, today announced that Red e App is one of the select companies from across the world chosen to be featured in the global launch of Google’s #WeArePlay campaign.

#WeArePlay celebrates the global community of people behind apps and games and their unique stories. It represents teams of all sizes – some founded by longtime coders and other by tech newcomers, some based in big cities and others in smaller towns. These are short stories that tell personal journeys of those individuals who were inspired to make apps or games that solve a challenging problem or bring joy to people who benefit from their creation.

Red e App Founder and CEO Jonathan Erwin remarked on the #WeArePlay release. “This recognition of our efforts to connect the world’s non-desk workforce comes at a time when companies across all industries are expanding their understanding of what truly inclusive and meaningful employee engagement looks like.

Creating connection with the non-desk workforce is not easy. At Red e App we have spent the past ten years perfecting the solution to this problem. It starts with an understanding of the needs and behaviors of this segment of the workforce, and it ends with intelligent design. You know it’s working when you see high levels of adoption and usage, as well as measurable gains in retention, productivity and profitability. Applying existing work tech built for deskbound workers is not only illogical, but it is also ineffective.

We are incredibly passionate about bringing non-desk workers and their employers closer together through tech, and are proud that Google has chosen to recognize us for our efforts as part of the #WeArePlay campaign.”

For more information about Red e App and how easy we make it for you to create meaningful connection with your non-desk workforce, visit us at or give us a call at 855.733.3277.

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