QA Introduces New Brand Amidst Rapid US Growth

QA is fixing the broken learning model and driving client business results with a continuous, connected, and collaborative approach to AI, cloud, and data skills training.


QA, the fastest-growing tech training company in the US, has launched its new brand, which brings together three leading tech and business skills businesses: QA, Cloud Academy, and Circus Street. The unification enables its clients to learn, master, and apply new skills in AI, cloud, and data technologies at pace and scale.

Since its founding 38 years ago, QA has established itself as the largest and most comprehensive tech and business skills provider in the UK. QA’s end-to-end model and team have deep sector knowledge and understanding across CPG, technology, finance, and retail industries. They are trusted by 4,000 clients in 30+ global territories. Now, with this brand refresh sparked by progress gaining a deeper foothold in North America, QA is poised to lead the US in tech training.

QA identified a need to fix the broken learning model. Its unified, multi-modality solution bridges the ‘application gap’ by enabling colleagues to work together to solve real business problems. With an increased need for AI training, QA is the first and only business to unite apprenticeships, instructor-led, self-paced, and collaborative modalities in a connected and consistent framework.

“We believe that the constant growth and change in data and tech are creating huge opportunities and threats for businesses, often forcing change and a need to transform,” says Jonny Townsend, Chief Revenue Officer of QA North America. “We also believe that you can’t transform a business unless you transform the capabilities of its people. The future belongs to organizations that can learn, master, and apply new skills at pace and scale, combining the power of human and machine intelligence.”

QA’s partnerships with pioneering companies across industries, like IBM, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Unilever, J.P. Morgan, and Nationwide, extend beyond traditional skills development to include tailored and bespoke learning programs—including company-specific apprenticeship academics and blending instructor-led and self-paced programs intentionally tailored to the customer’s needs.

QA’s extensive, end-to-end offering provides a continuous experience, connecting teams and fostering greater collaboration across the business. Self-paced and blended learning includes hands-on practice in over 1,000 labs, and skill tracking across everything from digital marketing to technology and engineering. Instructor-led learning provides engaging deep dives in over 2,000 courses, ranging from foundational Microsoft Office or coding skills to advanced certifications in areas like AI, Agile, Cloud, Cyber Security, IT Service Management, or Project Management. Additionally, QA rounds its expertise with more than 40,000 apprenticeship programs to date in data, digital, and tech qualifications.

“Our evolved vision – ‘Learn. To Change.’ – embodies our belief that the future belongs to learning organizations that value continuous, connected, and collaborative training,” adds Duncan James, General Manager of QA North America. “Especially in North America, learning may seem more accessible than ever – but access alone isn’t enough to drive innovation. Collaboration is key. We’re proud to partner with the world’s leading organizations, and look forward to mapping access to collaboration and business results under a unified QA brand.”

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