Macorva launches Macorva MX


Performance management is a critical business function, but it is often time-consuming and tedious for managers. Macorva, a leader in employee and customer experience solutions, is tackling this challenge head-on with the launch of Macorva MX, an AI-powered performance management tool designed to streamline the process and provide valuable, actionable resources for managers and employees.

“Macorva MX is our answer to the pain points of traditional performance management. Our goal is to transform it into a strategic function that drives business results,” said Nathan Childress, PhD, Founder and CEO of Macorva. “By harnessing the power of generative AI through our proprietary Radiant AI® technology, and utilizing existing data from across the employee lifecycle, Macorva MX automates performance management, providing personalized resources that empower each employee to reach their full potential.”

Built on a modern platform designed for AI from the outset, Macorva MX seamlessly fits into Macorva’s suite of generative AI reports. These include personalized engagement reports for every manager, AI-generated social reviews, AI response plans to individual customer surveys, and instant AI summaries of detailed customer experience dashboards.

Macorva MX works by aggregating employee data from surveys, peer-to-peer feedback, and customer reviews into a centralized hub. It then uses AI to analyze this data and generate performance reviews, development plans, OKRs, and SMART goals tailored to each employee. This automated approach saves managers over 100 hours per year and cuts time spent on administrative tasks by up to 50%, allowing them to focus on strategic actions and higher-priority work.

Macorva’s AI-generated resources also incorporate manager insights, providing a comprehensive view of each employee’s performance and potential. This robust yet streamlined process equips managers to better support employee growth and ensures staff have the feedback and resources they need to develop new skills.

“Macorva MX represents the future of performance management,” Dr. Childress said. “By integrating generative AI, comprehensive feedback data, and manager expertise, we’ve created a solution that delivers a simple yet powerful performance management experience. Managers and employees get the resources they need to drive individual and business success.”

As a pioneer of AI-powered employee and customer experience platforms, including Macorva EX for employee experience and Macorva CX for customer experience, Macorva is committed to developing innovative yet intuitive solutions that build engaged workforces and drive ongoing business success.

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Macorva MX

Macorva MX is a robust manager experience platform that simplifies performance management. With AI-generated performance reviews, employee development plans, OKRs, and SMART goals, it provides unbiased evaluations and aligns individual goals with company objectives. AI-generated PIPs provide clear steps for improvement, saving managers 100+ hours per year, standardizing output, and citing more data. With features like manager notes, employee notes, and 1:1 meeting notes, Macorva MX is the ultimate tool for efficient and consistent performance management.

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