Purple Wave Auction Decreases Payroll Processes up to 75% with UKG Ready


UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, workforce management, and culture solutions for all people, today announced that Purple Wave Auction, a rapidly growing, online-only equipment auction marketplace with 250 employees, is reducing time-to-hire, decreasing payroll processes up to 75%, and establishing a foundation for future growth with the all-in-one UKG Ready suite.

Purple Wave Auction has nearly doubled its workforce over the past two years and employs a mix of field-based territory managers as well as office-based auction specialists and IT developers. As it grows, UKG Ready provides the business with an intuitive, efficient, and scalable HR and payroll solution to support compliance and create an engaging employee experience while automating processes to increase efficiency.

“One of my favorite things about UKG Ready is that it makes everyone’s lives easier,” said LaShawna Harrison, senior payroll specialist at Purple Wave Auction. “We couldn’t manage our workforce, our new hires, or our growth without UKG. It not only helps us advance our business but delivers feedback from employees that we can act on to continue to make Purple Wave a great place to work.”

One of Purple Wave Auction’s biggest successes with UKG Ready has been simplifying its payroll, which includes biweekly and commission paychecks as well as distribution of restricted stock units. The flexibility of Ready allows Purple Wave to pay people quickly and accurately and has also led to tremendous time savings for its lean payroll team.

“We have a unique payroll that many other solutions couldn’t handle, but UKG Ready has been able to handle all of that and more,” said Harrison. “Payroll used to take eight to twelve hours, and then I could spend another eight hours reconciling timesheets and making deduction adjustments. Now, with UKG Ready, and even as our workforce has grown, we’ve reduced our payroll processing time by up to 75% — down to just four hours per payroll period.”

As a family-owned business, it’s important for Purple Wave Auction to bring its brand and culture to the forefront when hiring new employees without sacrificing time-to-hire goals. Recruiting within UKG Ready has created a streamlined, branded experience that’s helping to attract the best candidates in a competitive job market.

“Recruiting gives us the flexibility to create our job postings based on skill or location requirements with the simplicity of housing everything from job descriptions to candidate profiles in a single solution,” said Harrison. “Reporting and analytics in Ready gives our directors and managers real-time insights into qualified candidates so they can make informed decisions. And, as an organization, we are better able to source, track, and evaluate talent while reducing our time to hire, which has been a huge win.”

Once a candidate is welcomed into the Purple Wave family, onboarding in Ready acts as a one-stop shop for new hires, giving them access to company and culture information as well as important forms and checklists to help them start off on the right foot and feel like a part of the team from the moment they accept an offer.

“Our previous onboarding process was very manual and paper-based which drained our time and wasn’t the smooth experience we wanted for our new employees. But with Ready onboarding, we can welcome new hires before their first day with an engaging, automated experience and self-service checklists that new team members can easily complete to start strong in their specific roles,” said Harrison.

Purple Wave Auction credits UKG with helping to guide employees and giving HR and payroll an added boost of confidence with access to a team of trusted experts they can rely on to guide them and resolve any challenges.

“UKG’s Partner for Life commitment means I have the support of a team of experts to assist me round-the-clock, which started with our implementation,” said Harrison. “I know customer support will always treat me well and work quickly to resolve any issue. Plus, I have ongoing access to the training, resources, and tools I need to get the most out of our investment. UKG is invested in our people and organization, always helping us to grow and achieve our long-term goals.”

“In today’s competitive job market, it is critically important for all organizations — especially small businesses like Purple Wave Auction — to have the tools they need to attract and retain the best talent without sacrificing the quality of their HR, payroll, and business operations,” said Chris Kiklas, vice president of SMB product management at UKG. “With UKG Ready, they get the best that modern technology can offer, which is the ability to easily manage all aspects of their business — HR, payroll, time, and talent in a single solution — so they can focus on what matters most, their people.”

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