Pulsify Launches Manager Augmentation Platform to Empower Virtual, High-Performing Teams

Company emerges from stealth with funding from big name investors and growing customer roster Releases a new, free tool to support the movement to more virtual team management


Pulsify, the manager augmentation company, launched today with its personalized platform built to support managers in developing engaged, high performing teams.Hrtech News

Most companies do not have the resources to train managers and others find it difficult to translate the ad-hoc education they do receive into real-world situations, leaving most managers without the right tools to lead their teams effectively. Add to that the current remote work reality and business leaders, HR executives, and managers are feeling this management pain more deeply than ever before.

“To date, there has been no good way to give managers, especially at small and mid-sized companies, the always-there team management guidance they need to make their teams productive, engaged and happy,” said Bennett Fisher, CEO & Co-Founder of Pulsify. “Manager augmentation is a new technology-based approach designed to transform the way we manage, whether teams are operating in the office or on a remote basis.”

Pulsify has been working closely with a small group of companies over the past year to refine and improve the offering and has been adopted by organizations such as Lively, Mintz, and 3Play Media. Customers tout Pulsify for being easy to use, insightful, and automatically delivering a system ideal for managers and their need to virtually lead their teams.

“Previously I tried to support managers with traditional performance and engagement platforms but all have been complex, expensive, and difficult to implement,” said Amy Suchanek-Vacca, Chief People Officer at Noble, a Pulsify customer. “Pulsify is different. It’s easy to implement, easy to use, and really focuses on guiding managers to take the right actions at the right times at every level which is helping us succeed as an organization.”

Pulsify is free for managers with teams of less than 25 people. Paid subscriptions with premium platform features are available to connect multiple teams and larger organizations.

Founders of Okta and HubSpot Lead $1.1 Million Investment

Pulsify’s founders have previously started, built, and sold multiple software and data analytics companies. With Pulsify, they have quickly gained the support of well-known business leaders and investors such as Frederic Kerrest, Executive Vice Chairman, COO, & Co-Founder of Okta, and Dharmesh Shah, CTO & Co-Founder of HubSpot. Both Kerrest and Shah participated in Pulsify’s $1.1M funding round.

“The Pulsify platform is easy to use yet very sophisticated in how it leverages analytics and AI to guide managers through best practices like goal setting, real-time feedback, one-on-ones and more,” said Kerrest. “What I love even more is that this is a team of experienced operators who are trying to fix a big problem that almost every company grapples with.”


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