Praxis Labs launches Pivotal Practice

Available now, Pivotal Practice combines Gen AI and immersive experiences to give organizations and teams the tools they need to improve feedback at scale


Today Praxis Labs, the immersive learning leader focused on building inclusive human skills for equity in the workplace, announced Pivotal Practice. This groundbreaking product leverages the latest developments in Generative AI, learning science, and interactive simulations to offer organizations a solution for optimizing feedback skills, fostering empathy and collaboration, and enhancing communication and innovation across diverse teams.

Praxis Labs is an enterprise-wide solution and knowledge library, designed to help organizations embed core human skills through a diversity lens — like navigating difficult conversations and collaborating across diverse, global, and remote teams — across the employee experience through real-world workplace simulations. Pivotal Practice is an extension of the company’s commitment to elevate and transform the workplace through an equitable and science-backed approach.

Research shows that employees who receive timely feedback see higher levels of performance, have more confidence, and feel a greater sense of job satisfaction. 72 percent of employees report that feedback can directly improve their performance.

“Candid and actionable feedback is one of the most sought-after yet difficult skills to cultivate in any workplace, and it’s essential to driving career growth, development, and engagement. Yet, there is a lot to be understood around how to give inclusive feedback across diverse teams,” said Elise Smith, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Praxis Labs. “We see enormous potential in harnessing the latest advancements in AI and immersive technologies to build the confidence and skills needed to provide feedback that helps people of all levels and backgrounds advance in their careers and supports a more inclusive and collaborative workforce.”

Pivotal Practice builds upon this foundation by providing bite-sized, experiential opportunities for learners to build and reinforce their communication and feedback-giving skills — all in a safe, judgment-free environment.

Key Pivotal Practice design features include:

  • Generative AI Grading and Research-Backed Feedback
    Learners deliver feedback, either by voice or over text, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for different learning and diverse communication preferences. Trained by Praxis Labs’ team of in-house learning scientists, Gen AI assesses their responses for inclusive leadership skills and provides personalized recommendations to clarify and improve their feedback, making every practice session a valuable learning opportunity.
  • Perspective-Taking through Immersive Technology
    In-the-moment learning enhances memory retention and skill development in areas like empathy and communication. With immersive simulations, learners navigate nuanced situations across differences and deepen their understanding of people with different identities and lived experiences.
  • On-Demand Microlearning at Scale
    Packaged in 5-10 minute experiences, learners can practice giving feedback where they learn best and when needed most — like before performance reviews, 1:1s, and team meetings.

Praxis Labs’ latest addition to its platform offers an opportunity for organizations to realize the transformative potential of cutting-edge learning technology at scale. Praxis Labs is pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in skill development, with a focus on driving measurable and lasting behavior change across individuals and organizations. Praxis Labs learners report changes in behavior both in and out of the workplace (70 percent of learners).

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