Phenom Receives Cornerstone Integration Certification

Phenom’s Addition to Cornerstone Edge Marketplace Set to Increase Candidate Conversion and Recruiter Efficiency


Phenom, the global leader in Talent Experience Management (TXM), has announced its completion of the Cornerstone Integration Certification. Cornerstone, a premier people experience software provider, will also welcome Phenom to its Edge Marketplace, improving the agility of mutual customers as they acquire and develop talent. The integration will streamline the exchange of information between both companies, centralize several essential tools used by recruiters, and enhance the application process for candidates.

By establishing data flow integrations, Phenom and Cornerstone vastly improve front- and back-end platform interactions for mutual customers. Employers can quickly find and hire top talent in Cornerstone’s platform using Phenom’s API, and more satisfied candidates finish the application process. Phenom provides a seamless transition between the career site, chatbot, and hosted apply channels, feeding data directly to Cornerstone and delivering smooth experiences.

“Together, Phenom and Cornerstone are redefining the possibilities of people management,” said Dave Mortell, vice president of global alliances at Cornerstone. “Customers rely on our comprehensive technologies to build and manage their teams because that’s where the true value lies. By joining forces with Phenom, we’re expanding our platforms’ synergies to minimize interruptions within the recruiter and candidate experiences.”

Phenom and Cornerstone enable recruiters to access crucial insights by asking efficient questions of candidates as they apply for a job. By shortening candidates’ time on applications to five minutes or less, conversion rates can increase by up to 365%*. As a result, HR teams are more likely to discover the right candidates and can source a broader network when filling future roles.

“We are helping customers construct the most accurate candidate profiles by keeping data centralized and relevant,” said Saumil Gandhi, vice president of business and corporate development at Phenom. “We don’t need to capture information more than once. Cornerstone’s and Phenom’s platforms use automation and AI to analyze data from every conceivable angle, generating valuable insights while lowering cost per applicant. At the end of the day, these integrations will increase the amount of quality talent in customers’ pipelines.”

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