PeopleStrong surveys shows impact of continuous feedback


With over 50% of the world’s workforce working remotely, feedbacks have become critical to an organization’s growth. Without face-to-face interactions between managers & teams, and an absence of feedback encouraging culture, employees struggle with delivering projects. In a recent survey done by PeopleStrong, 63% employees answered that their managers should become better coaches and that feedbacks would help them in improving their work.

But most organizations struggle in training their managers about how to give feedback. Organizational cultures don’t encourage giving & receiving feedbacks beyond annual reviews. To address these challenges, PeopleStrong’s Alt Performance launched the CFR module that provides a platform that makes the process simple & intuitive.

Speaking on the occasion, Vipul Mathur (VP, PeopleStrong) said – “We have defined the contours of feedbacks, to make it simpler for organizations to nurture the culture of giving and receiving feedbacks. We are super excited towards creating a larger impact for enterprises in their performance management designs, globally.

Some of the key features include feedback on behaviors & projects, 1-on-1 coaching conversation between employee and managers and feedback on organizational goals.

CFR complements PeopleStrong’s Alt Performance system by taking the users beyond their annual reviews to aid them with their performance continuously. With 1 million users on the platform, CFR will strengthen HR Tech firm’s offering in the performance space.

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