Paychex Enhances Integrations, Help Center, Custom Dashboard, and More

Paychex Flex® releases address workforce challenges and drive personalized experiences

Paychex, Inc., a leading provider of HR, payroll, benefits, and insurance solutions, introduced several Paychex Flex® enhancements over the last quarter. Headlining this latest release are significant updates to Paychex Integrations, Document Management, the Paychex Flex dashboard, as well as the rollout of a pay-on-demand solution for client employees.

“As our customers settle into 2020, they’re looking to maximize their time, elevate employee experience, and put processes in place that will help them meet their goals in the coming year,” said Martin Mucci, Paychex president and CEO. “The solutions Paychex invested in over the last quarter will enable our customers to better manage their time, talent, and current events such as COVID-19, ultimately helping them engage employees and drive business growth.” HrTech News

“Our customers have told us they are looking for ways to streamline internal processes to support fast-paced and increasingly complex HR needs,” added Maureen Lally, Paychex vice president of marketing. “The products released this quarter address those common challenges and make it easier for our customers to manage their operations, as well as meet evolving employee expectations.”

Among the most recent Paychex releases are:

Paychex Integrations: Now featuring integrations with some of the top HR, finance, time and attendance, and benefits solutions, Paychex Integrations enables Paychex Flex users to connect with some of the world’s leading business tools. While Paychex Flex is a full suite of HR solutions, its open platform delivers the flexibility that customers may need. To learn more about Paychex Integrations, visit

Pay-on-Demand: Paychex customers can now grant employee access to earned wages before their scheduled pay day thanks to a pay-on-demand solution. For customers who leverage this product, employees who enroll can request access to a portion of earned pay before the scheduled pay date and can then have those funds deposited into a bank account, onto a debit card, into a mobile wallet, and more.

Help Center: HR technology is a significant investment for any organization, making it critical that users easily understand how to use it as part of their normal workflow. The Paychex Flex Help Center gives users access to training resources and how-to tutorials within the application itself. It employs natural language processing (NLP) and predictive learning to deliver a more tailored, contextual experience. Customers have access to help materials in written, video, and tour-like deliverables and may choose which best suits their learning style.

Custom Dashboard: Employee and administrative users can now tailor their Paychex Flex dashboard experience by incorporating the information and tools most important to them. Users can either choose a layout built on persona-based dashboard templates or configure their own dashboard from scratch.

Document Management: Paychex released its document management solution in 2019 and has now added electronic signature capabilities to the tool. Customers taking advantage of document management can now digitally capture signatures for key company documentation, including Paychex forms and other uploaded business-related files. In addition to e-signature capture, customers can also run on-demand audit reports that show the entire process, from initial login through signature event. This additional reporting capability delivers further signature verification and may help protect customers in responding to legal challenges.

To learn more about these features and functions Paychex recently released, visit


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