Parqa Hires Ryan Kovach as Director of Sales

Parqa, a leader in digital marketing for the staffing and recruiting industry, has hired Ryan Kovach as Director of Sales.

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Parqa, a leader in digital marketing for the staffing and recruiting industry, has hired Ryan Kovach to be the company’s Director of Sales. high potential employee assessment This role was created to meet increasing market demand for Parqa’s solution-based digital marketing services Hrtech.

Parqa focused its efforts in 2018 to service the staffing and recruiting market and grew by over 40%. This year, Parqa has seen an even increased level of growth at over 50% and made this strategic hire to ensure its ability to support the level of inbound interest in its services. Parqa is the sister company to Versique Search & Consulting and will continue to use its knowledge of staffing and recruiting to partner with other firms to build their brand credibility, online visibility, and lead generation efforts.

Ryan Kovach brings more than 20 years of staffing and recruiting marketing experience to Parqa. Prior to working with Parqa, Ryan spent 10 years managing a family-owned engineering staffing firm in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. After leaving the family business, he spent the next 10 years as an owner of a digital advertising agency with a niche-focus on staffing and recruiting. Ryan has worked with 100’s of staffing and recruiting firms across the U.S. to bring more visibility to their brand and has been recognized by American Staffing Association, receiving five ASA Staffing Voice Awards for Overall Excellence in Communication.

“When I first became aware of Parqa, I knew immediately it was an organization I wanted to explore further. When I met with the Parqa team and saw first-hand their vision and passion to serve an industry that has supported my family for over 20 years and the level of excellence they expected from their team, I knew right then that I wanted to be a major asset to Parqa’s continued growth,” stated Kovach.

Parqa COO Jared Hummel said, “We knew our inbound leads were starting to outpace our sales capacity at the time Ryan called us about interest in joining the team. My job is to surround myself with leaders and change makers. It’s hard to argue we could have made a more strategic hire as Ryan not only owned a digital marketing firm serving our niche but also sat in the same seat as our clients as a leader in a staffing firm. I really couldn’t have dreamed of a better marriage and have really high expectations for Parqa’s continued evolution over the next year.”

Parqa is a digital marketing agency that serves staffing and recruiting firms throughout North America. Parqa was founded to serve the needs of its sister company, Versique Search & Consulting. Due to the success Versique had with their digital marketing efforts, the Parqa team realized they could help other staffing and recruiting firms do the same if they replicated their proven process. First, Parqa focuses on helping companies build their brand credibility through website design/development and social media platform optimization. Second, Parqa helps companies gain online visibility through ongoing SEO implementation, social media management, and content marketing. Lastly, Parqa assists clients with lead generation through paid advertising management, email management, and marketing automation. Parqa’s client success is dedicated to the combination of these three critical elements – brand credibility, online visibility, and lead generation – which drives business growth in the digital age.


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