Papaya Global Introduces Mobile App as Part of Personal Portal

Papaya Global

The new app, which is part of Papaya’s personal portal, provides employees with more visibility and control over their payroll financial data, helping them have more control over their finances.

Papaya Global, the SaaS fintech company providing global payroll and payments technology, announced today the launch of its new mobile app as part of its personal portal offering. The app provides Papaya’s customers’ employees with secure and seamless access to their payslips and work-related personal documents, empowering them to manage their finances anytime and anywhere.

With more than 53% of the employees accessing their payslips via mobile phones, it is essential that employees get instant access to their payroll information via their mobile devices. With Papaya’s new app, employees can aggregate all of their historic payroll information, which gives them more visibility and control over their payroll financial data. They can receive notification when new payslips are available. Soon, employees will be able to view and edit their bank account details as well as have access to additional financial services and employment benefits, which are tailored to their needs.

“One of the biggest challenges of managing a global workforce is creating a unified experience for all employees, wherever they are. Papaya’s personal app puts the employees’ payroll at their fingertips. This is another step in advancing Papaya’s end-to-end global payroll payments strategy,” Eynat Guez, co-founder and CEO of Papaya, said. ” We do so much on our mobile devices, from work-related tasks to communications to entertainment. And, so many of us use those devices to manage our financial information and transactions — and payroll is a large part of that. This new offering reflects our continued commitment to helping our clients give their team members the best tools to make their lives easier and to help them have control over their payroll data.”

The app also provides employees easy access to Papaya’s support team and to FAQs. The app supports SSO, and employees can securely use existing Papaya personal portal credentials and biometric authentication.

The Papaya Global mobile app is now available for download on Google Play and the App Store.

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