Oyster revolutionizes Global Employment at Scale


Low-code platform SAGE “softwarizes” knowledge, automating the entire employment lifecycle

SAGE powers Oyster Intelligence, ensuring compliant and competitive employment across 180 countries

Oyster®, the global employment platform to hire, pay, and care for distributed teams, announced a first of its kind innovation to automate the employment lifecycle at scale: SAGE. Short for System to Automate Global Employment, SAGE is a low-code platform that enables Oyster domain experts to encode and retrieve knowledge quickly, so they can handle a variety of employment situations efficiently. SAGE is the internal engine that drives Oyster Intelligence, a customer solution that delivers country-specific insights across the entire employment lifecycle through self-serve tools and virtual assistants. This unique approach provides a best-in-class customer experience at software scale, marking a significant advancement for the global employment category.

Enabling global employment at scale requires solving a multi-faceted problem. While managing time off, bonus pay, and employee verification are common, universal needs, there are specific regulations and nuances for every country and jurisdiction that need to be validated—from personal leaves to tax allowances, employment cost calculations, and more. In the mix of software and services required to deliver a global employment experience, many SaaS platforms fall short of fulfilling edge cases or unique customer situations at scale, leaving the burden for people to solve in 1:1 conversations or ad hoc manual checks.

“We knew that solving for these varied edge cases at scale could revolutionize global employment, so we had to figure out a way to ‘softwarize’ our knowledge. Throwing people and engineers at the problem just isn’t a viable or efficient solution—SAGE is our technological answer,” said Oyster co-founder and CEO, Tony Jamous. “Leveraging deep, country-level insights alongside the power of AI ensures a superior customer experience by putting people in touch with the right advice, at the right time. We are proud to have the most innovative system and product that can democratize access and break down the barriers to global employment once and for all.”

SAGE: Powering Efficient Knowledge Management and Automation

SAGE represents a culmination of Oyster’s core learnings from three years of developing a global employment platform that supports compliant and competitive hiring in more than 180 countries. It enables Oyster’s insights to be encoded, categorized, searched, auditable, and readable by AI—providing immediate and accurate information and workflows to users in real time, even as knowledge changes. SAGE also powers Oyster’s unique Automated Hiring capabilities, with insights about the best hiring terms to maximize talent attraction and retention, and ensuring contracts are compliant with local legislation by design.

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