Oyster Launches its Global Employment Pass

Oyster, which empowers employers to hire and care for talent around the globe, will now help jobseekers connect with distributed companies directly


Oyster, the global employment platform that empowers companies to hire, pay, and care for their global teams, today announced it has launched its Global Employment Pass. With the world’s savviest employers embracing talent no matter where they’re physically located, Oyster’s Global Employment Pass will serve as a central hub for knowledge workers to increase their hireability, create career-defining work experiences, and connect job seekers with open roles.

According to a recent study by Korn Ferry, the world can expect to experience a talent shortage of 85.2 million knowledge workers by 2030, resulting in $8.5 trillion in unrealized annual revenue. Given these findings and the economic headwinds companies are facing, now is the time to embrace global employment and for employees to invest in, and equip themselves with the skills to succeed in a remote environment.

The Global Employment Pass offers access to free training courses through Oyster Academy, Oyster’s educational resource program on the future of work, plus exclusive templates and materials to help job seekers effectively communicate how prospective employers can utilize the distributed workforce model.

Knowledge workers will also have access to Oyster’s Global Job Board, which has more than 280 remote jobs available throughout the globe.

“Our Global Employment Pass is a resource and a solution for the enormous global talent pool seeking new opportunities due to sweeping layoffs and The Great Resignation,” said Tony Jamous, co-founder and CEO of Oyster. “Remote work is no longer just an option — it’s an expectation. Companies that embrace distributed work will attract and retain top talent and benefit from a more diverse workplace.”

Oyster’s mission is to remove the barriers to cross-border employment so that employers can tap into the global talent pool, creating better opportunities for workers, while also creating more inclusive workplaces. Oyster, founded in January 2020, announced a $150 million Series C at a $1 billion valuation in April 2022. Oyster aims to see more than $1 billion injected into emerging economies by global companies by 2024.

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