Nextep is Appy to Launch New Technology

Nextep has released its very own mobile app to streamline services.

time and attendance

Nextep continues its commitment to serving their clients by creating powerful, easy-to-use products with the launch of their mobile app. Both Android and iOS users can enjoy the new app, which gives employees access to those systems on their own terms.

“We know that when we provide more tools to our client employees to handle their employment needs it gives them more flexibility and control,” said Brian Fayak, Founder and CEO of Nextep. “A mobile app is a big step for us and a win for our client employees.”

The Nextep mobile app allows employees to view their health insurance cards, change their tax withholding status, and chat on the go with Nextep professionals. Client administrators can use the app to add new employees and get quick access to their Nextep service teams. Nextep invested the resources necessary to create an intuitive experience that allows employees to enter information directly into the app and truly self-serve from a mobile device.

“We want to meet people where they are, so we have to offer useful technology on a device they’re using all of the time,” said Adam Graham, Nextep’s Chief of Sales and Marketing. “We designed our app for our client employees first because we know it will ultimately provide relief to administrators that already handle common tasks today.”

Nextep delivers an employee-first strategy of providing administrative relief and easy-to-use technology. By developing a mobile app that gives their client employees the ability to manage their own information, take care of their own enrollment tasks, and communicate directly with their Nextep service team, Nextep has taken another step towards differentiation within the PEO industry. They will continue to optimize their app over the coming months to deliver even more features, allowing business owners, administrators, and employees to manage their information anytime, anywhere, on any device.


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