New research reveals vital professional learning insights

MindSpark Learning’s research study uncovers insights into professionals’ learning goals and preferences, impacting retention, productivity, and innovation.


MindSpark Learning®, a nonprofit organization specializing in extraordinary learning experiences, conducted vital market research to understand evolving needs for professional growth and development. The research, titled “The State of Professional Learning”, reveals valuable insights into professionals’ learning goals and preferences.

The State of Professional Learning reveals crucial insights that could significantly impact a company’s retention, productivity, and innovation. Three key trends emerge from the research: collaborative professional development (PD) encourages teamwork and knowledge sharing, adaptive PD fosters quick adaptation to changing environments, and stewardship PD promotes proactive problem-solving for community challenges. MindSpark offers tailored recommendations to address these trends, providing practical advice for unique professional development needs.

For years, MindSpark has served professionals with learning experiences that help them solve their most urgent problems. The State of Professional Learning is a testament to their commitment to understand and solve market needs.

“At MindSpark, we are dedicated to supporting professionals with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in today’s evolving landscape. This research reflects our commitment to understanding the complex needs of individuals seeking professional development and shaping learning experiences that propel them towards success. We are excited to see how these insights will contribute to professionals’ continuous growth,” said MindSpark CEO Kellie Lauth.

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