New Kid on the HRTech Block – Self-Service Technology

Self-Service Technology

Prominence of Self-Service technology is something of interest for enhanced scalability and independence on HRTech block. 

The onset of the pandemic has set off the acceptance and adoption of tech-based services and solutions that are allowing scalability and independence. One such facet of tech that is gaining tremendous prominence in the HR arena is self-service technology.

Self-service technology in the human resources industry is being adopted and distributed via two verticals, ESS and MSS. Managing official data and carrying out procedural tasks has become a piece of cake with self-service technology.

But why is it that self-service technology is now on the radar of HR departments?

Well, the answer is simple. Automation. When there is a way of leveraging technology to get routine things done, why not make use of it? We believe that self-service technology is going to prove to be a magic bullet for the HR field.

Why do we think that employee/manager self-service technology will continue to gain prominence in late 2020 and early 2021?

1)      Automates Redundant Tasks – It’s a Friday and your employees just want to leave, but it is also the last day to update their payroll records. ESS got it covered for them. Employees can automate redundant and procedural tasks such as this and get in their Friday feels, everyday!

2)      User Engagement and Satisfaction – Now, employees and managers do not have to carry out labor intensive tasks by themselves. With self-service technology everybody stays engaged with the enterprise and they can be satisfied with regular updates and accurate information.

3)      Around the clock serviceNow your employees wouldn’t have to worry about applying for a Monday leave and it’s already Friday night with them having left the office. With self-service technology, they can perform such activities wherever and whenever.

Growing emergence of tech has made it extremely significant for organizations to adopt this booming facet of Hr Tech and make it a part of the Hrtech stack of their firms.

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Aashish Yadav
Content Writer, Martech Cube
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