New app brings power of video to job candidates and recruiters


Entervu, a groundbreaking mobile app, brings the power of video into the workforce market, enabling candidates to demonstrate their skills while providing companies with sophisticated tools to search for qualified candidates.

Candidates can upload videos to Entervu that brings their resumes to life by sharing professional experiences, educational background and career goals, while presenting their communication and verbal skills, job readiness and key differentiators to recruiters and hiring professionals.

Candidates also can use the app’s WorkWeek feature to showcase their day-to-day professional activity, offering an in-depth look at their work portfolio, strategic thinking skills, team collaboration and how they approach relevant work processes.

Recruiters can use Entervu to gain insights to a qualified candidate’s communication style, personality and work methodologies via the WorkWeek feature.

These tools upend the outdated and inefficient traditional job search model that relies on paper applications and one-dimensional resumes. Today’s online environment, with ubiquitous video and virtual interactions, created an urgent need for innovation within job searches.

Entervu contributes to enhancing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) initiatives for employers. It enables companies to identify qualified candidates easily with diverse backgrounds to build well-rounded employee teams.

“Entervu is a game-changer for modernized searching, evaluating and connecting with professionals,” said Entervu Founder Christopher Polnitz. “No longer does success rest on ‘who you know’ but rather ‘who knows you.’ Entervu revolutionizes the job search process and professional recruiting.”

Polnitz added, “The power of Entervu is its reach. Entervu enables you to showcase your skills to potential employers in a way that simply hasn’t been available via traditional online job platforms. People now have the opportunity to put their best foot forward in an interactive and authentic manner.”

The Entervu platform offers a variety of well-designed, easy-to-navigate features:

  • “Explore” lets users filter candidates by skills, interests or locations.
  • “ExtendedVu” provides a summary of a candidate’s biography, education, skills and training.
  • “Watchlist” enables recruiters to track and engage with candidates of interest.
  • “QR Code” offers a unique identifier for each candidate, facilitating easy sharing with hiring professionals and recruiters.
  • “WorkWeek” provides a 7-day look at a candidate’s work approach and implementation strategies.
  • “Profile View” allows users to manage their profile easily.
  • “Notifications” captures messages, follows, likes and alerts users to updates.

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