n2y, Texthelp to make education,workplace more inclusive for everyone

n2y, a trailblazer in special education curriculum resources, and Texthelp, the global leader in literacy and assistive technology have agreed to merge The combined business will globally serve learners with diverse needs as well as employees in the workplace across the entire neurodiverse spectrum Five Arrows, the alternative assets arm of Rothschild & Co, has backed both n2y and Texthelp, and will remain the majority shareholder of the combined business


n2y and Texthelp have agreed to merge, creating a category leader in education technology that will change the way the needs of diverse learners are met. This new organization is also committed to bridging the gap between education and the workplace, combining resources to provide support to individuals wherever they are – classroom, office, conference room or boardroom. Five Arrows, the alternative assets arm of Rothschild & Co remains the controlling shareholder of the combined business. Providence Equity Partners and Verdane will continue as minority investors alongside Five Arrows.

Both companies were established over 25 years ago and share a long legacy of purpose-led innovation aimed at improving the lives of others. n2y’s expertise lies in creating an integrated digital ecosystem of academic curriculum, behavior, communication and IEP management solutions for education. Texthelp specializes in cloud-based assistive technology and learning analytics for the education and corporate sectors.

Texthelp and n2y are centered around a core belief that everyone deserves the right to understand and be understood. As a consequence of the focus on helping a wide group of people reach their full potential, both businesses are poised to deliver significant societal impact. By 2030, Texthelp and n2y aim to impact the literacy, numeracy and understanding of 1 billion people.

The two businesses are known in their markets for the relationships they build and the support that they provide to their partner districts and workplaces to ensure maximum levels of impact. n2y’s mastery for delivering engaging and interactive learning experiences perfectly complements Texthelp’s expertise in developing robust, data-driven inclusion tools. Together, they will catalyze the evolution of digital learning globally to suit diverse learning styles and communication needs while promoting accessibility and inclusivity.

“We both recognize, understand and celebrate what makes students and adults unique. For us, addressing diverse needs in schools and in the workplace is not simply a legal requirement, it’s a cultural imperative.” said Martin McKay, CEO, Texthelp. “Uniting our teams means that our mission to advance the literacy and understanding of 1 billion people not only becomes more possible, but we can also make a deeper, richer impact on people’s lives. We couldn’t be more excited to make that mark on society, together as one.”

“n2y and Texthelp have learned from the best educators and employers that it is futile to try to find a label for a set of complex learner needs based on which educational standards they follow, what primary disability they have or accommodation they require. Instead, we honor each learner as an individual.” added Ed Holmes, CEO, n2y. “Together, we will offer robust solutions for schools, universities and employers to be more inclusive and support their people to build the confidence, knowledge and skills to be independent and successful.”

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