myAir Launches New Corporate Wellness Platform

Tailored mind-body nutrition solution provides data-driven insights to help employees monitor, manage, and reduce stress

myAir New Corporate Wellness Platform

myAir today launched a new Corporate Wellness Program, the first personalized, data-driven, functional food-powered stress solution designed to develop and maintain a healthier, more resilient, and more productive workforce.

Workers are experiencing more burnout, strained productivity, and negative health effects than ever. Eighty-three percent of employees in the United States report suffering from work-induced stress, leading workplace stress to be widely considered as the health epidemic of the century. Exacerbating the problem, 60% of employees report lacking resources from their employer to help manage stress.

Because stress is an ongoing problem, myAir offers an ongoing solution. The platform is the first of its kind to leverage AI insights to offer functional, plant-based nutrition tailored to an individual’s unique stress effects. A personal dashboard measures each participant’s stress resilience based on physiological analytics.

myAir’s Corporate Wellness Program is a natural extension of the company’s “Stressless Routine” solution, which captures psychological data (through an online assessment) and physiological biomarkers (via smartwatch data) to expertly measure, manage, and relieve stress. The program begins with a cognitive stress assessment to give employees a better understanding of the impact of stress on their body – whether it causes difficulty focusing, trouble falling asleep, fatigue, irritability, muscle tension, or other symptoms. Based on these insights, myAir tailors a plan for each user that includes customized myAir plant-based nutrition bars proven to reduce stress, personalized insights, and 1:1 coaching from myAir’s stress management coaches to help employees manage the demands of work life and improve their stress resilience.

“We all need stress to manage a successful company. We don’t believe that an organization can function without challenging KPIs, but we know that real leaders provide tools to their employees to empower them,” said Rachel Yarcony, co-founder and CEO of myAir. “Our science-backed approach to wellness gives employees the tools they need to take care of themselves, manage the demands of work life, and put their best foot forward at work – because when employees thrive, companies flourish. A stressless routine can make a world of difference in creating a healthier, more productive workplace.”

myAir’s Corporate Wellness Program also helps employers better understand the stress patterns within their organization in accordance with privacy compliance regulations. An employer dashboard aggregates blinded physiological and psychological data from program participants, enabling HR and company management to see what times of the day or what days of week their employees are most stressed, whether stress levels are higher for employees working from home or remotely, and other trends. By examining these patterns, employers can make more informed decisions about policies and benefits to facilitate a healthier, less stressed, and more productive working environment.

One of myAir’s Corporate Wellness Program’s early adopters has already experienced massive success in reducing its employees’ stress levels. At navigation company Moovit (an Intel subsidiary), 80% of Moovit employees who used the myAir stressless routine daily reduced stress levels. Furthermore, 75% of Moovit employees favored the myAir stressless routine over other health and wellness benefits offered by the company.

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