Mindbloom, the world’s largest provider of ketamine therapy, announced Wednesday the launch of a new employee benefits partnership with Kennedy Care, a leader in home care services across Michigan and Northern Ohio. As of November, Kennedy Care employees can access at-home ketamine therapy through Mindbloom.

“I’m beyond thrilled that Mindbloom has agreed to work with my beloved staff here at Kennedy Care to provide an innovative employee benefit that not only allows us to stand apart as a premier employer, but also to truly impact those team members who suffer from anxiety and depression,” said Kennedy Care Founder & CEO David Kennedy. “After my first session as a Mindbloom client, I immediately thought of my team and how I wanted those entrusted in my care to feel the same relief I felt after even just one guided session.”

Kennedy Care is among the first companies to offer at-home ketamine therapy as an employee benefit. In November, 15Five, a pioneer in HR talent management technology, became the first company to offer the benefit. Mindbloom has offered ketamine therapy as a benefit for its own employees since launching in 2019.

The partnership comes on the heels of Mindbloom’s client outcomes data being published in the largest-ever peer-reviewed clinical study of ketamine therapy, which was featured in the October edition of the Journal of Affective Disorders. The study, which was authored by psychiatrists and researchers from MAPS, the Cleveland Clinic, UCSF, NYU and Houston Methodist shows that at-home sublingual ketamine therapy can be a safe, effective, and rapidly-acting treatment for anxiety and depression. Across a cohort of 1,247 clients, 89% of participants presenting with anxiety and/or depression showed an improvement in their symptoms after just four sessions. In total, 63% of participants saw a greater than 50% improvement in their symptoms. These results are 34% stronger1 than what has been observed in studies of traditional antidepressants (such as SSRIs) and 54% stronger than results shown in studies of psychotherapy.2

“By partnering with employers like Kennedy Care, we’re continuing to increase access to the transformative power of at-home ketamine therapy,” said Mindbloom Founder & CEO Dylan Beynon. “Having lost my mother and sister to severe mental illness, I know firsthand that traditional mental health treatments don’t work for everyone. It’s incredibly important that employers offer a wide range of options to support their employees’ mental wellness.”

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