McLean & Company Reveals the Best Way to Build a Recruitment Strategy


McLean & Company, the trusted partner of HR and leadership professionals globally, has published a new research blueprint to help organizations recruit top talent with a customized campus recruitment program. This timely research blueprint will allow organizations to source top talent on college and university campuses and reach them directly where they are.

The recruitment landscape has shifted during the pandemic and requires reassessment. Organizations continue to use traditional recruitment sourcing methods, which are not the most effective way to attract new graduates. Most organizations will need to adopt a customized post-pandemic campus recruitment program that will involve a hybrid recruitment strategy with a combination of virtual and in-person engagements.

McLean & Company maintains that with pressing workforce needs, new graduates are a great source of talent. Recruiting recent graduates can help address critical organizational needs as graduates demonstrate higher logical reasoning skills and empathy than senior managers in talent assessments. However, as they approach the labor market differently from experienced job seekers, organizations need a tailored approach to recruit them successfully.

McLean & Company’s framework, found in the newly released blueprint, models the process of building a comprehensive campus recruitment program to fit business objectives and to attract leading talent. This blueprint is intended for HR leaders, people managers, and recruiters to assess campus recruitment needs, identify program goals, design the campus recruitment program, and prepare to implement the campus recruitment program. This type of approach will allow leaders to:

  • Use research and school relationships to build a planful and targeted campus recruitment program.
  •  Build relationships with targeted schools to identify the best sourcing methods for growing their talent pipeline.
  • Modify their Talent Acquisition (TA) process to create a candidate experience that resonates with new graduates.

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Supporting Resources

  • Download the full Build a Customized Campus Recruitment Program research blueprint

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