launches Facial Recognition Attendance System


Luxand. Cloud, a provider of facial recognition, detection, and search APIs, announced the launch of its attendance system based on face recognition. This solution utilizes facial recognition to automate the check-in process for employees, students, gym members, and more. The system eliminates the need for physical badges or manual sign-in sheets, offering a contactless and efficient method for tracking attendance.

The attendance system offers a versatile solution for diverse needs, including a user-friendly dashboard for management, a robust API for seamless integration, webhooks for real-time data syncing, and a mobile app designed for both phones and tablets.

Within the dashboard, users can effortlessly track individual entry and exit times for specific dates and locations, monitor real-time building occupancy, view daily attendance records, including arrival and departure times for everyone who entered the facility, and identify those currently present within the building.

Additionally, the system allows users to set up notifications to know when a specific individual enters or exits.

The attendance system offers further flexibility by integrating with various platforms like CRM software, Google Sheets, Excel, or any system accessible through webhooks. This allows for seamless data transfer to existing workflows.

The attendance system can be applied in various scenarios, including monitoring employee working hours in offices or factories, keeping track of remote workers’ time, managing attendance in gyms, recording students’ presence in schools or specific classes, controlling access to designated areas for security purposes, and more.

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