Level39 incubator deploys the 8×8 X series solution to support fast-growing startups work from home


Level39, the world’s most connected tech community, and Europe’s largest tech incubator has deployed the 8×8 series solution as announced by the integrated cloud communication solutions leader 8×8, Inc. This step was in response to the Coronavirus induced lockdown in the UK. This platform will provide solutions that will improve communications while enabling the employees to work from home effectively.

There are 1250 leaders and 200 tech companies in the community of Level39. This community is supported by them in the way of talent management, infrastructure, world-class customer base, and sessions every week with investors, industry leaders, and mentors.

Earlier in April, Level39 had chosen 8×8, Inc. to support them in upscaling their telephony systems on their premises to enhances and advanced communications throughout the organization, back the front-end team in managing calls of higher volumes all across the 4 floors in a better way and deliver an effective business-friendly and more advanced solution for telephony services to their 200 member companies of the community.Hrtech news

After the deployment of the 8×8 series platform was successful, the incubator and its member companies were able to shift the workforce to working from home easily and seamlessly. They were even able to do so overnight. This cloud-based communication platform has been efficiently able to support the members in setting up virtual auto-attendants and redirect smartly within a few minutes and all from the inside of their homes.

The front-of-house team workload has significantly reduced by 15% while saving 20% of administrative costs will the implementation of the platform. It has also saved the company around £250,000 that would have been needed to spend on IT costs for the hardware, maintenance, and support of the telephony hardware. It has allowed the company to break the restrictions imposed by their traditional systems and can now shift their focus to serving the members instead of handling the administration.

8×8, Inc is thrilled to be able to serve clientele, empower talent management, and transform businesses like Level39 and its members.

The platform has experienced 17 million active users monthly for video meetings worldwide.

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