Level Access Receives Top Workplace Honors, Invests in Inclusive Culture


Level Access, the leading provider of digital accessibility solutions, has received four prestigious workplace awards in the past several months, underscoring its commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive work environment. The awards recognize everything from work-life balance to engaging a remote-first culture and positive employee feedback.

“At Level Access, we deeply believe that a business can thrive and be a force for good by fostering a positive and inclusive team culture,” said Tim Springer, founder and CEO of Level Access. “These recent accolades serve as a powerful affirmation from our employees and independent researchers, echoing our collective commitment to making a meaningful impact. And they reinforce that by investing in our people, we are investing in the future of digital accessibility.”

Level Access has been honored with the following:

  • Recognized as One of the Best Companies for Work-Life Balance in 2024 by Purpose Jobs: Level Access stands out for its unwavering commitment to employee well-being. This distinction highlights the company’s integrated approach to work-life balance, particularly as remote work blurs traditional workplace boundaries. Level Access champions flexible time off, encouraging employees to disconnect and recharge, and offers remote work options that allow staff to manage personal responsibilities alongside professional demands. This holistic focus on well-being underscores Level Access’s dedication to fostering an environment where employee success is supported by genuine care and flexibility.
  • Named a 2024 Top Workplaces Winner by Energage and USA Today: Based solely on employee feedback, this recognition places Level Access among the elite companies in the country that demonstrate exceptional workplace environments. The Top Workplaces USA awards highlight organizations that excel in employee engagement and satisfaction across multiple sectors, including midsize and large firms with operations in various markets. This accolade reflects the strong corporate culture at Level Access and showcases its commitment to creating a supportive and positive work environment. This acknowledgment is a testament to Level Access’s dedication to employees and highlights its ability to attract and retain top-tier talent.
  • Washington DC’s Best Midsize Places to Work and Best Places to Work Lists for 2024 by Built In: Level Access has been recognized for its commitment to creating a workplace that values diversity of thought and exceptional performance. The company prioritizes developing its workforce to attract and retain top talent. With benefits that include comprehensive health coverage, generous parental leave, fitness reimbursements, and a robust professional development program, Level Access provides a nurturing environment that supports both personal and professional growth.
  • Named Among Large Employers on Virginia Business Best Places to Work 2024 List: In a competitive review by Virginia Business and the Pennsylvania-based Best Companies Group, Level Access has been honored for its outstanding workplace environment, securing its position among the top large employers in Virginia. The selection process involved detailed employee and company surveys that evaluated aspects such as leadership, corporate culture, employee satisfaction, and overall engagement. This recognition reflects Level Access’s commitment to fostering an exemplary work environment that supports and enhances employee well-being and professional growth, affirming its status as a key player in Virginia’s business landscape.

“Receiving these excellence in workplace honors underscores our commitment to creating an environment that champions continuous learning and professional development, while always supporting employee well-being,” added Colleen Wood, Chief People Officer at Level Access. “And this balance is the key to succes—ensuring our team members are excited and equipped to collectively drive our mission forward while also excelling in their personal careers.”

This collection of accolades follows Level Access’s recent acquisition of UserWay, a move that brings a wealth of talent into its fold and expands the capabilities of its digital accessibility solution.

These recognitions also reinforce Level Access’s position not just as a leader in digital accessibility, but as a model employer that values innovation, inclusion, and the well-being of its team. As the company continues expanding its reach and impact, it remains committed to creating a fully accessible future for all. To learn more about the workplace culture Level Access supports, including open positions,

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