Korbyt Unveils Innovations for better Employee Experiences

Next-generation CMS simplifies content management with advanced employee-centric targeting, publishing and personalization.

Unified data and clear insights that exponentially increase the precision and effectiveness of any communicator.

Now supports over 200 integrations to drive ubiquitous productivity across the entire digital employee experience.

New simple to use yet powerful space management to bring back employees safely and give facilities managers real-time insights and control.

Korbyt, the leading workplace experience and communications company, today announced significant new innovations across its Korbyt Anywhere platform—the unified workplace experience platform that seamlessly supports hybrid workforces and drives enterprise-wide collaboration. Building on its globally renowned reputation for digital signage the latest Korbyt Anywhere innovations include next-gen CMS, deeper and actionable analytics; industry-leading platform integration capabilities, truly device-agnostic communications capabilities, plus advanced space management. All are designed to create workplace experiences that simplify communications for employees and communicators while increasing company-wide engagement and productivity.

These latest innovations build on the current Korbyt Anywhere omni-channel platform, which includes products for Digital Signage, Space Management, Mobile Apps and Desktop Tools which are currently used by over 250 companies around the world.

“The employee experience has become the cornerstone of modern talent management strategies, and it has the potential to drive better business outcomes as well as talent recruitment, retention and employee development.”

Korbyt Chief Executive Officer, Ankur Ahlowalia

Next-Generation CMS (Content Management System)

Unlike its competitors, Korbyt Anywhere’s intelligent next-generation CMS works fluidly across any organization. It does this by supporting over 200 software integrations and by decentralizing the creation, publishing and measurement of communications in a managed way. This ubiquity enables communicators to precisely target and personalize content for maximum employee engagement. This also unburdens communicators from having to manage each communication channel separately; allowing them to focus their time on improving content-based results and employee engagement.  Here’s a sample of what the new CMS delivers:

  • Hyper Targeting & Personalization: Target based on employee role/profile, segment, behavior and/or device plus allow employees to subscribe to the content/categories that interest them
  • Unbridled Creation: The new, and native, drag & drop design and content creation tools enable communicators or designers to create any type of digital content they can imagine—for any channel or device
  • Publish Anything Everywhere: Mobile, web, desktop, signage, and more—plus any content type you can image—video, image, URL, article, playlist, data/charts, surveys, polls and more

“With the new Korbyt Anywhere 3.0 platform, we are enabling everyone responsible for creating great workplace experiences with an easy-to-use and highly connected set of communications tools — all through one platform so our customers can decentralize communications in order to reach and engage everyone on their workforce.”

Chief Technology Officer, George Clopp

Deeper, Simpler and Actionable Dashboards

Communications and business function leaders say unifying customer data sources in ways that provide a complete employee view, and a single source of truth is one of their top challenges. Korbyt Anywhere’s newest approach to data and analytics makes understanding employees’ preferences, behaviors and needs clearer and more actionable—supercharging communicators with the insights needed to make smart communications decisions that achieve their business objectives.

  • Customizable Dashboards – Visual dashboards and reports easily customized to how individual communicators and leadership need to see and analyze their data
  • Built-in Reporting Engines – In-depth reporting enabling data analysts to understand employees in detail as well as how employees are accessing and engaging with content, tools and other employees. Analysts and communicators now gain a thorough understanding of preferred channels and devices as well as content popularity through views, clicks, likes, comments, shares, bookmarks, or see how workspaces are utilized
  • Simple Integration – Easily integrate with hundreds of enterprise-wide data sources to enable the right employees with the right KPIs and data, with minimal need to have IT set up or support the integration(s)

Over 200 Supported Integrations (and growing)

The reality of today’s workplace experiences is that the average workforce relies on multiple technologies every day. The Korbyt Anywhere platform embraces this by helping easily connect every employee to the data they need, and visualize it so it is engaging and drives increased productivity.

  • 200+ Supported Integrations; No Coding Required – The platform now supports plug-&-play integrations from enterprise-scale systems to  cloud-based business apps; all for real-time data exchange
  • Actionable Dashboards – Contact centers and supply chain employees can access personalized, real-time, data on any channel or device to measure their goals and productivity
  • Personalized Resources – Korbyt Anywhere’s mobile and web products provide customizable access to the enterprise systems, applications and digital resources employees use every day via mini-apps

Space Management

One of the biggest considerations in bringing employees safely back into offices or other facilities is space management. These features now play a critical role in managing company space for the assured safety and productivity of employees. Korybt Anywhere’s updated space management delivers:

  • For Facility Managers – Add any 2D or 3D map of floors and buildings; set regions and capacity limits, and have the analytics need to measure space utilization
  • For Employees & Visitors – Locate available workspaces, reserve the space and add it to your calendar, check-in, and use interactive wayfinding to navigate and acclimate to the changes to office spaces
  • Omnichannel User Experience – employees and guests can use Korbyt Anywhere’s Space Management features from their preferred device or channel—digital signage screens, interactive kiosks, or access via the web or mobile devices

While most employees prefer the flexibility of hybrid work, remote employees can feel isolated or have less access to career opportunities and company resources than those in the office. Organizations with their sights set on continued growth must bridge this gap using technology that empowers all employees to be informed, aligned and productive. Effective technology also leads to improved retention—research shows that employees dissatisfied with their workplace technology are more than twice as likely to leave their job in the next year than those who are satisfied.

The new Korbyt Anywhere platform helps drive sustained employee engagement while being the primary technology in a communications stack that seamlessly integrates across any enterprise.

More Information

  • Korbyt Anywhere version 3.0 will be generally available on August 16, 2021
  • Learn more about Korbyt Anywhere here
  • Connect with Korbyt on LinkedIn and follow @korbytgo on Twitter

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