Kasm Technologies announces Kasm Workspaces v1.15

Kasm Workspaces v1.15 adds multimonitor, session recording, OpenStack VPN support and workflow enhancements to the remote workplace streaming platform.

Kasm Technologies, a leader in streaming remote work cloud workspaces, announced the release of Kasm Workspaces v1.15, providing major enhancements to its portfolio of digital workspaces delivering Desktop as a Service (DaaS), Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Remote Browser Isolation (RBI), Open-Source Intelligence Collection (OSINT), Training/Sandboxes, and Containerized Application Streaming (CAS) to the web browser.

“We are pleased to present the latest set of features that are empowering organizations for remote work.” said Justin Travis, Co-Founder of Kasm Technologies. “Multimonitor will enhance productivity, session recording enables compliance, VPNs support managed egress and the Launch Config provides customization when launching workspaces.”

Key Highlights:

  • Multiple Monitors – Multi-display in Kasm VNC Sessions.
  • Redesigned Control Panel UI/UX – Streamlined user interactions, relocation of docking tab and enhanced mobile experience.
  • Session Recording – Screen Recording in Workspace Sessions.
  • OpenStack Auto-scaling – Dynamic allocation of agents/VMs in OpenStack via API.
  • 2FA Enhancements – WebAuthn and self-enrollment for second factor auth.
  • Launch Config – Customized form selectors for Workspace launcher.
  • Granular Permissions – Administrator and API Granular Settings.

Image Enhancements:

  • KasmVNC Update – VNC rendering engine updated to KasmVNC v1.3.0.
  • New Images – Nessus, Spiderfoot, Redroid, Slack, Fedora 39, Alpine 3.19, and ParrotOS 6. Updates to functionality in Maltego and Slack.
  • Managed Egress VPN – Bring your Own VPN (BYOVPN) Ubuntu image with Wireguard, OpenVPN and Tailscale VPNs.
  • Android Workspace – Redroid Workspace with Android Studio.

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