Jason Maxwell, MP CEO Participates in Northshore Magazine’s CEO Panel


MP, Inc., an HR and payroll company focused on delivering HCM solutions to employers across the US, announced today that company president Jason Maxwell will participate in a Facebook Live/Zoom panel about leading remote workers on March 31st at 1 pm EST.  Jason will provide his perspective on what it takes to successfully lead a remote workforce at Northshore Magazine’s webinar entitled, CEO Panel: Keys to Successfully Leading Your Team in a Virtual World.  “I’m excited to share what MP has learned about how to support team members, cultivate a strong culture, and continue to reach new business goals with a remote team.  This topic will be imperative for many employers now and even beyond the pandemic,” said Jason Maxwell.

The program will feature lessons learned from four CEOs who have had great success onboarding, creating culture and driving accountability in a remote world. Attend to learn how to:

  • Engage your team, even if they’re fully remote
  • Create meaningful connections, trust, and accountability when your team is remote
  • Build effective communication strategies for your remote team
  • Hire and onboard new members of your team so they feel engaged and connected with your workplace
  • Reduce and avoid burnout for every member of your organization

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