isolved released robust roadmap for AI within isolved People Cloud

Company Shares Its Comprehensive AI Roadmap and Compelling Results of AI Survey


In the wake of the “Great Resignation” employees are still driving demand for the experiences they expect at work and, increasingly, the tools that help them do their jobs more effectively and efficiently – with half of full-time employees (FTEs) in the U.S. having already used ChatGPT and 71 percent being open to using similar capabilities at work according to a survey of over 2,000 FTEs conducted by isolved, a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Human Capital Management, Q2 2023.

Alongside the results of its AI at Work survey, isolved released its robust roadmap for artificial intelligence (AI) within its intelligently connected human capital management (HCM) platform, isolved People Cloud, to support small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as they navigate the increasing demand for AI-powered tools. In fact, the number-one reason employees want access to such capabilities is to make them more productive at work according to isolved’s survey results, and why isolved works to improve productivity, performance and predictability for all.

“Both small- and medium-sized businesses are hungry to realize the benefits and competitive advantage AI tools can offer,” said James Norwood, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer of isolved. “Our job is to continue embedding the immense business value of AI into isolved People Cloud to bring this powerful and far-reaching technology to organizations of any size to make their lives, and the lives of their employees, easier.”

As part of the company’s current AI-based offerings and planned roadmap, releases include:

  1. Findability in the Flow of Work: Extending isolved’s already-available Conversational Virtual Assistant, which offers human resources (HR) information and insight wherever and whenever an employee needs it – by bringing an Alexa™ and Siri™ like natural language processing (NLP) chatbot into collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams™. The new roadmap embeds isolved Conversational Virtual Assistant directly within People Cloud, making it accessible in web and mobile so that employees and admins can simply ask a question using text or voice, get their answer and move on at any time – increasing productivity in the flow of work by making what employees need findable, fast and in a way that is inclusive to all.
  2. Always-On HR: Continuing its investment in employee self-service and HR service-desk needs, isolved provides 24/7/365 automated responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs) from the employee handbook to reduce the amount of time HR, benefit and payroll practitioners are spending answering repetitive questions and to realize the employee experience (EX) gains of always-on HR. This is especially critical as recent survey data indicates almost 42 percent of HR practitioners in decision-making roles are spending 4-10 hours a day answering repetitive questions – thus increasing productivity. The AI at Work survey further proved AI’s impact on EX as 66 percent of FTEs believe AI-based tools will improve their EX and 66 percent would look favorably on employers who offer them. Additionally, 48 percent of FTEs want AI to provide auto responses to FAQs.
  3. Zero-Error Payroll: With the goal of U.S. SMBs reaching zero-error payroll by 2025, isolved’s roadmap includes isolved Perfect Payroll to help payroll administrators catch payroll errors before they occur – yielding improved accuracy, compliance and time savings for overall performance improvements. Key performance indicators like these will also be made available in a future return on investment (ROI) dashboard for isolved customers, allowing them to see the direct ROI impact of payroll, benefit and EX enhancements.
  4. 1:1 EX: Further energizing talent and enabling a consumer-grade EX to improve talent management, isolved will release an EX personalization engine similar to those commonly used in e-commerce experiences (e.g., recently viewed items, suggested products, popular products) to automatically create 1:1 pathways for existing employees and intelligently match employees to learning and development content based on their individual career path and current performance – improving productivity (get to goals faster), performance (nurture and keep talent) and predictability (identify future skills gaps and next-gen leaders) through 1:1 digital experiences within People Cloud.
  5. Recruiting Automation: Enhancing its already-available recruitment marketing support to improve performance, isolved is speeding up the job description authoring process using a type of large language model (LLM) found in tools like ChatGPT. isolved expects to further improve talent acquisition by identifying and matching candidate profiles against job requirements, using data such as job titles, skills, experience, education and other relevant criteria.
  6. Analytics Everywhere: Never stopping its investment in bringing intelligence and insights into every page and process of People Cloud, isolved Analytics Everywhere will expand isolved benchmarking insights (leveraging the aggregate data of more than 6 million employees on People Cloud), and the NLP-powered isolved Predictive People Analytics (including critical diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging insights) to improve predictability and performance at any-size organization.

With these releases and roadmap items, isolved will continue to expand its AI Ethics policy – critical as the AI at Work survey found that only 33 percent of organizations have a formal policy/ethics code about AI.

isolved expects to debut its expanded AI capabilities alongside existing ones at isolved Connect, the company’s annual customer and partner conference held October 17-19 in Palm Desert, CA. Deep-dive and discussion-sparking sessions will be available alongside keynote speakers Stacey Harris (analyst and author of the longest-running HR technology survey)and Erik Wahl (artist and best-selling author) and breakout sessions with analysts like Ben Eubanks of Lighthouse Research & Advisory (AI for the SMB), and Trevor White and Evelyn McMullen of Nucleus Research (ROI of EX).

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