Interview with CEO, Recruitics – Josh Gampel


1. Tell us about your role in Recruitics?
As the CEO, I’m responsible for setting the vision and overall strategy for the business. On a daily basis, I lead and communicate with our phenomenal team that helps us deliver talent attraction solutions for leading organizations as best-in-class recruitment marketing agency.

2. Can you tell us about your journey into this market?
Recruitics started as a recruitment marketing analytics platform, and then we built a programmatic job advertising technology on top of it. This technology was originally intended to be used as a self-serve platform for our customers. However, as we grew, we realized that our in-house team of experts were very good at executing challenging recruitment marketing campaigns and driving a ton of value for our customers. As a business, we pivoted to leverage our own proprietary technology as an agency, and we haven’t looked back!

3. How do you think technology is changing the HR Sector?
Automation and efficiency. The HR space has typically been 5+ years behind digital advertising, and the recruitment technology platforms out there today that offer automation and efficiency improvements are making great strides of closing that gap. Once an employer has access to their recruitment data and they embrace programmatic job advertising technology and other platforms within their careers site, like chatbots and more, application volume increases substantially and quality of hire improves across the board.

4. How do you think digitalization has transformed the recruitment process?
Digitalization has transformed with recruitment process largely with data. Having the ability to track, measure, analyze and optimize an ongoing recruitment campaign has been a game changer in the overall recruitment process. Employers are able to have a level of transparency and accountability for their vendors and publishers like never before, so they can truly identify the best areas to spend their budgets based on their specific hiring needs and objectives. On the vendor and publisher side, digitalization has advanced with AI and matching technologies that have allowed them to improve the candidate experience and the quality of candidates that they are delivering to employers.

5. How has a data-driven approach helped in better talent attraction and recruitment?
Our VP of Product, Mark Jensen, always says that we are pioneering the scientific approach to recruitment marketing – and we truly are. We process 2.5 billion job events each day across over 2.5 million jobs and from more than 60,000 unique companies. This gives us data and analytics on hundreds of millions of job seekers on a monthly basis. Overall, what we generally see is that 80% of an organization’s jobs spend half of the recruitment budget and only generate 2% of the applies. This is a major problem in talent attraction – a lack of efficiency and wasted spend – and we can solve for it. Once a company has the data to identify which jobs are performing well and which ones are struggling, we are able to put a programmatic job advertising strategy in place to optimize and get better results quickly and cost-effectively.

6. How do you differentiate your talent attraction platform from your competitors?
It’s simple – our people. Not only do we have some of the top recruitment marketing and talent acquisition experts in the industry, but we also have an amazing tech team that has built the industry’s first and best technology to automate and optimize the talent attraction process and to solve real problems for customers.

In addition to Recruitics Analytics, our free recruitment marketing analytics dashboard, and Recruitics Action, our programmatic job advertising platform, we’ve built a few other highly advanced talent attraction technologies that include Recruitics Reach and Recruitics AMP. Recruitics Reach allows us to aggregate the vendors together to automate and optimize the bidding, buying and placement of job advertising campaigns. Recruitics AMP, which stands for Automated Marketing Platform, allows our clients to fully automate and optimize a talent supply and demand based buying model based on their real-time hiring needs.

Our technologies have made a major difference for those employers that have high volume hiring needs, that need to scale hiring quickly and efficiently, and that have a lot of ebbs and flows in their hiring cycles, and we make it easy for them to get the maximum efficiency from their recruitment budgets.

7. How has Recruitics contributed in the development of the recruitment process?
Nowadays, talent acquisition and HR practitioners are much more aware of the need for recruitment marketing data and programmatic job advertising technology in the recruitment process, and that wasn’t the case in 2012 when we first launched. We spent a lot of time talking about the value here, and we are excited to see it finally being adopted in a major way by both publishers and clients.

8. What advice would like to give to the upcoming Hrtech StartUps?

Listen to your customers. Fail quickly, change, adapt and keep pushing forward.

9. What technology do you think will leave its mark in 2019?
AI & Chatbots

10. What is the vision, on which you and Recruitics are working on?
We want to be the authority in talent attraction. To us, this vision is the north star that drives us. In order to be the authority in talent attraction, we need to back it up with data to truly understand the best ways to acquire talent, and we have more data than anyone else in the space. Having access to data also allows us to make data-driven strategic decisions for our customers and to determine what works best by job category, location, publisher and for each client.

Josh Gampel CEO, Recruitics

Josh Gampel is the CEO of Recruitics. He was among the co-founding employee of Recruitics, and in his role as president was responsible for the company’s global sales, client services, and client-marketing teams. He has spearheaded four years of strong, consistent growth for Recruitics, helping the organization provide recruitment marketing solutions for some of the nation’s largest corporate employers, staffing companies and job boards. Before joining Recruitics he has worked with Onward Search and Mangieri/Hull Solutions.


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