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Lukas Erlebach

1. Tell us about your role in Joblift?
As founder and CEO of Joblift, I’m mainly in charge of investor relations and finance.

2. How do you think technology is changing the HR Sector?
Technology is affecting every industry and HR is no exception. For instance, machine learning is changing the way people will receive job recommendations. The algorithm studies user behaviour and past experiences in order to predict future preferences. This makes the job search way easier and less frustrating for job hunters. They won’t have to scroll pages and pages to find the perfect job anymore. It brings a lot of benefits for recruiters, too. They will get more high quality applications that really fit their requirements as their job ads will be better targeted to suiting candidates. Thus, technology is a real opportunity and will make the recruiting process way smoother.

3. Joblift has brought the entire online job market on one platform, how has it benefited professionals as well as employers?
Jobseekers don’t have to browse several job boards in order to find the perfect job. It saves a lot of time and effort. For employers, the biggest advantage is that Joblift has demonstrated experience reaching the best candidates via all different marketing channels, whether it is Social Media, E-Mail, SEM, SEO or Affiliate. Thus, the platform targets ALL potential candidates and shows them ALL relevant jobs to create the perfect match between employer and employee.

4. How do you differentiate your recruitment platform job search from the services offered by your competitors?
Since the beginning, we have put a clear focus on technology and user centricity. Of course, there are a lot of other meta engines for jobs but it is our dedicated goal to not only collect all the jobs ads on one platform, but to constantly improve our algorithm in order to show our users the most relevant job ads first. Our key focus is to provide the highest quality and the best matching possible for recruiters and job seekers.

5. What is the vision, on which you and Joblift are working on?
Job search is a hassle for job seekers and recruiters often struggle to find fitting candidates. We strive to make these processes easier, faster and more transparent. Every day, we work on perfecting a recommendation engine based on AI matching technology, thus taking a step further towards becoming the go-to destination for job seekers of all levels around the globe.

6. What are the major developments you are planning, in recent times?
At the moment, we are working on improving our recommendation engine to help the user find the most relevant job offers. For instance, we are personalising and tailoring our Job Newsletter by sending it out at the user’s preferred time, by displaying job ads based on the user’s previous behaviour and by enriching the emails with personalised career-related content. Next to that, we are also planning to implement a short questionnaire to better guide the users through the platform and find out more about their aims and wishes in order to show them the most suiting jobs possible.

7. Can you tell us about your team and how it supports you?
Ownership, trust and curiosity are some of our core values that we also apply to our hiring process. By this, we were able to build a team of highly dedicated, diligent and autonomous Joblifters that are working hard to help the company reach the next level. This is super important as I am often travelling or busy with investor talks. It’s a good feeling to know that I can rely on the team and that they keep the business up and running at any time.

Lukas Erlebach CEO, Joblift

Lukas Erlebach is Co-Founder& CEO of Berlin-based Joblift. Previously he held an executive position at Zalando SE and was P&L responsible for Zalando's biggest market Germany for 3 years. Prior to 5 years of strategic top-management consulting at The Boston Consulting Group with a focus on industrial and Private-Equity clients acting pan-European with stints in the U.S. and Asia. Lukas earned his post-graduate degree at London Business School and his Master's from ESADE Business School and the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration.


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