Interplay Learning mobile app accelerates team training and efficiency

With the new app, employers can unlock unique flexibility, maximize the benefits of Interplay's career development platform, and support a strong, skilled workforce


Interplay Learning, the leading provider of immersive skilled trades training, announced today the launch of a new mobile app that extends Interplay’s career development platform into the hands of on-the-go workers, empowering organizations to save time and boost productivity.

The enhanced Interplay Learning mobile app gives employers the flexibility to train team members between service calls, at home, or in the field with job-relevant content built by industry experts. By giving workers the ultimate flexibility with streamlined access to the tools they need on the job, organizations can help their workers succeed anywhere, anytime.

“In an industry where every minute counts, being able to engage with Interplay’s training materials on their mobile phones has allowed our team members to make the most of even those spare five minutes,” said Jeff Hass, Director of Training and Development at Freeman Webb Company. “This on-demand accessibility empowers them to start and stop the training as their schedule allows.”

The Interplay mobile app allows organizations to improve knowledge retention for learners with just-in-time information when and where they need it. Teams can expand their knowledge and skills on-demand and in-the-field by tapping into the short, bite-sized instructional videos, giving them more flexibility to engage with training where and when it’s most relevant. When learners can immediately apply what they have learned to a real-world task, they are more likely to retain that information, and feel confident on-the-job.

“The Interplay Learning mobile app helps increase training adoption and enables techs to learn while they are in-the-field, not just at the office,” said Doug Donovan, CEO and founder of Interplay Learning. “It enhances the power of our industry-leading immersive enterprise career development training solution, enabling everyone to perform more efficiently and effectively.”

With proven content from trusted subject matter experts, technicians don’t have to rely on Internet searches or unreliable videos to find answers in the field. Through the app, technicians can learn from industry experts as they share their knowledge and lead learners through bite-sized foundational courses. Knowledge checks help learners test retention and stay focused on the key takeaways from each module. Skills assessments provide employers with an objective measurement of their teams’ skills and help managers customize training paths to meet the unique needs of their workers, regardless of job role, experience level, or geographic location.

“The scope of logistically training 750-1,000 techs spread across ten states can make physical training almost impossible for one person to do,” said Matt Ellenberg, Director of Training, Southern Home Services. “With Interplay’s mobile training, however, they now have a flexible platform that goes where they go, and we see a lot of engagement from it between calls.”

Unique features of the enhanced Interplay Learning mobile app include:

  • Microlearning: Teams can improve knowledge retention with just-in-time information from Interplay’s short, bite-sized instructional videos.
  • Expert-led instructional videos: Learners can access Interplay Learning’s full course catalog of bite-sized video courses led by trusted subject matter experts and instructional design professionals.
  • Checks to test foundational knowledge: Short quizzes follow each instructional video, helping learners focus, remember key pieces of information, and zero in on the most important takeaways from each module.
  • Skills assessments for customized learning: Learners can test their knowledge, get an objective readout of their skills, and receive AI-based course recommendations to help fill skill gaps and tailor learning to their unique needs.
  • Intuitive search capabilities: Users can type course keywords into the mobile search bar to quickly find what they need in Interplay’s ever-growing content catalog.

For more information about Interplay Learning’s mobile app, visit Customers can download the app now from the Apple store and Google Play.

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