Innovation Minds is a Silicon Valley-based company that helps organizations engage their employees and make them feel more connected to their team and the work they do. Today, Innovation Minds announced that it was making strides toward its promise of making engagement as natural as breathing with new features added to its innovation-based employee engagement platform.

The improvements would transform the user experience and make Innovation Minds’ platform the best solution for today’s disengaged and disconnected workforce.

Innovation Minds, has developed a unique approach to improving employee engagement in today’s fast-paced world. Their solution is built around making engagement and innovation a pull rather than push, cultivating organic but impactful connections between employees. It uses gamification and other methods to encourage employees to do what they do best—to create and innovate.

The company is continuously evolving to cater to the ever-changing needs of organizations. Due to its global expansion, Innovation Minds announced the release of new features, including language support, which allows users to engage and innovate with their team in their preferred language. The new language support feature is now available in Japanese, Spanish and German—with more languages coming soon.

According to Bala Balasubramaniam, Founder & CTO of Innovation Minds, they recognize the importance of providing their global clientele with the opportunity to cultivate purposeful connections and are delighted to give them the opportunity to do so in their native tongue. “Not only does this provide us with an enormous opportunity for growth and better service for our users,” he adds, “but it also enables us to offer them another way of engaging with our platform. This is an important step towards making Innovation Minds accessible to as many people as possible around the globe.”

Innovation Minds also announced the release of a new mobile app with calendar integration and a real-time analytics dashboard. The new mobile application is available on Android and can be downloaded from Google Play Store, and the iPhone App will be rolled out soon. It has been designed to help users make better use of time by making it easy for them to connect with other members of their team, create calendars that sync across devices so they’re never lose track of appointments on the calendar, as well as get actionable insights into how they could improve their engagement.

“We know that innovation doesn’t just happen in the boardroom,” said Balasubramaniam. “It happens everywhere—on teams, in offices, at water coolers, and in homes. And we’re thrilled to provide our users with the best tools and resources they need to keep their engagement and innovation process going anytime and anywhere.”

With Innovation Minds’ innovation-based engagement model, companies no longer have to worry about helping organizations build a more connected and collaborative workforce. It is designed to make day-to-day engagement more organic regardless of role or location, which inspires a natural need to connect and collaborate between employees.

Innovation Minds’ Customer Success Manager, Maria Bolo, highlights that they continue to look for ways to improve their platform. She has a background in Employee Experience herself, having been Head of Customer Success and Employee Experience in the past.

“We’ve been building our platform for years now, and it’s been incredible seeing the number of organizations we’ve helped grow,” said Bolo. “From small businesses to large corporations, we’ve seen them all come together to create innovative solutions that are solving real problems in the workplace.”

“Just like our users, we’re always looking for ways to improve and make this platform even better for everyone involved. That’s why today marks the beginning of a new era where we’re rolling out some new features to help every company be more successful at creating innovative solutions for employee engagement.” She added, “We look forward to making our partners feel like part of the team by providing them with the tools they need to make their employees feel valued, heard, and engaged.”

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