HubStar Awarded New Patent for Innovative Hybrid Working Platform


The rise of hybrid working is driving organizations to focus on creating dynamic, connected workplaces that improve wellbeing, collaboration and workplace experience. The latest patent granted to HubStar reflects this shift, with advanced social connection and space management capabilities that encourage meet-ups at the time and place that optimizes both employee experience and space utilization.

HubStar, an industry leader in hybrid workplace solutions, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted HubStar a patent covering the company’s workplace performance management platform which completes the process related to team collaboration as part of HubStar’s hybrid working platform.

This unique proprietary approach to maximizing purposeful office attendance is the result of 10 years of research and development and investment. The newly patented process helps end users choose when to come into the office, whom to meet and which desks, rooms, services and facilities to use; while providing valuable data to corporate real estate leaders seeking to understand the optimum amount and configuration of space that will elicit peak performance while reducing costs and carbon emissions.

HubStar has several patents relating to dynamic workplace optimization and hybrid workplace management.

“New ways of working hold great promise to unlock new levels of performance and better ways to live,” said Steve Vatidis, Chairman, HubStar Group, “Yet there are challenges holding organizations back, given the complex nature of matching people, places and policies without tolerating extreme under-utilization and waste in terms of cost and carbon emissions. The patented technology our team has developed and will continue to expand upon will empower Corporate Real Estate, Facilities, People and Workplace leaders to reduce costs, improve sustainability, right-size real estate portfolios, boost collaboration and deliver superior employee experiences in one fell swoop.”

The HubStar customer base, that includes Fortune 100 corporations, unicorn tech companies and higher education establishments are using the platform’s intelligent booking, predictive space utilization analytics and space optimization capabilities to create more resilient, adaptable workplaces.

“HubStar’s investment in growth and innovation will bring these next-generation capabilities to organizations looking to solve not only today’s hybrid working and high performance culture challenges, but also solve the challenges of tomorrow that they haven’t even thought of yet. It’s for that reason we’ve focused on designing an ecosystem with extreme flexibility at its core.”

HubStar is a privately held, global company with headquarters in Marlborough, Mass and London, UK. The company provides a next-generation dynamic workplace platform to drive productivity, collaboration and workplace experience while reducing real estate costs. With operations in the US, UK, Europe and APAC, HubStar helps thousands of teams in over 60 countries create dynamic workplaces. For more information visit

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