Acquires Exclusive HR Rights to Advos (HRMarketer) Strategic Marketing Software

New platform helps solution providers build brand visibility, credibility, and HR market research while bolstering's suite of vendor marketing products.

talent acquisition strategies has acquired the exclusive HR rights to advos strategic marketing software, and has incorporated the technology into a new marketing platform for the HR Marketplace, HR Market Smarts.

Advos, known as HRmarketer until earlier this year, will work with to further develop Market Smarts®. The platform helps HR solution providers make smart, informed marketing choices that enable them to build the brand visibility and credibility that they need to accelerate business growth. Market Smarts is bolstered by integration with’s research capabilities and software tools.

“Every marketing team promoting an HR solution or service needs Market Smarts,” CEO Debbie McGrath said. “Marketers who embed Market Smarts as a part of their everyday workflow will be more informed, discover better marketing opportunities, and have a major strategic advantage over their competitors trying to reach HR buyers and other key audiences.”

“This partnership is a win-win for and advos,” said advos CEO Mark Willaman. “ brings the expertise and resources to grow and add value to the product for the HR marketplace. For advos, this allows us to focus on software development and on making improvements to our technology platform for HR and other markets.”

“Now, more than ever, marketers struggle with standing out among the vast sea of HR solutions. Now we have the map, the radio, and the engine for their lifeboat,” said Brad Sutton, VP Global Sales & Customer Success. “Market Smarts will help marketers know which events and influencers deserve their time and money, activate every employee in their organization to broadcast their message and keep current on what the market and their customers are saying so they can have better and more informed discussions. Coupled with’s ability to create awareness and thought leadership, HR marketers can’t lose.”
Market Smarts customers have the option to purchase the full software or to pick and choose from seven different modules to customize the software for their needs and budgets.

The modules include:

1. Speaking and Media Opportunities — Marketers can view hundreds of HR speaking and media opportunities and get weekly alerts of upcoming opportunities. will pitch Platinum members’ executives to speaking opportunities, and pitch articles to the media and respond to media outreach and inquiries.

2. TradeShows and Conferences — Marketers can discover great events where their target buyers congregate and be smarter about their conference investments. The module includes listings for nearly 950 industry conferences, searchable by location, subject focus area(s), and audience(s). It also details which people and brands are engaged with events on social media and provides actionable ways to engage with attendees via social and email before, during and after events.

3. Awards — Applying for and winning awards is a great way to build brand and product credibility. The Awards module makes it quick and easy to identify and apply for awards, with searchable listings of more than 150 awards that include deadlines and links to application forms.

4. Competitive Intelligence — Market Smarts provides powerful competitive marketing intelligence, highlighted by Share of Voice reports. Marketers can see how their company’s online share of voice ranks against their competitors on key topics and among key audiences, helping them understand where they stand and where they need to improve.

5. Analysts and Influencers — This module helps marketers take an intelligent and strategic approach to analyst and influencer marketing in the HR marketplace. View searchable listings of analysts and influencers, the content that they are writing, and trending topics.

6. Sales Enablement — Market Smarts enables vendors to leverage programs that are critical in helping sales and marketing teams increase brand visibility and engagement, with gamification and awards to promote participation. An innovative sales enablement tool notifies sales representatives when prospects and customers are mentioned in HR-related news articles and blogs, at HR conferences and on Twitter. Reps can quote the prospects they are contacting, making cold emails become warm, substantially increasing response rates.

7. Customer Communities and Advocacy Programs — In addition to helping establish customer advocacy programs, will provide an online community for vendor clients enabling users to interact, share best practices, ask questions and network with other community members in a safe, secure environment.

Market Smarts joins a host of marketing tools, programs, and services offered by to HR solutions and service providers. Other products and services include webcasts, virtual and in-person events, advertising and ePublications, email marketing, news distribution, social amplification, and research.


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