How End-to-end HR Solutions can Optimize Online Recruitment?

With the Online Recruitment & Talent Acquisition industry getting segmented and deeper by the day, the game is to play your cards wisely and in the right combo

Online Recruitment

Google today has become a synonym for Sundar Pichai, just like Apple for Tim Cook or Spider man for Tom Holland. These people have adapted to the brands that they work for in such a way that now it is almost impossible to not think of them when talking about the brand. That brings us to an extremely critical alternate universe where we wonder what if they weren’t hired for these jobs in the first place.

Or, what if they entered the recruitment cycle, but decided the said job wasn’t the right fit for them based on the experiences that they had with the recruiters? Well, even though it didn’t happen with these experts, it is still something that happens more often than not.

The progress, success, and performance of a firm highly relies upon the people hired to work for it. There is not antidote in the hrtech world for a bad hire, and hence, the best road to take is to enhance the recruitment process, that ensures highest productivity and valuable experiences for all the parties involved.

Talking about experiences, we cannot overlook one of the most efficient technologies that is highly known for offering personalized experiences, Artificial Intelligence. Recruitment is one such activity that goes way back and also a long way.

Candidates visiting your company profile for a job that you have posted, to the recruiters building a pipeline and keeping a track of all the potential hires, there’s a lot that goes on BTS.

If we consider an example – BOK Financial was having a tough time keeping up with these behind the scenes activities and which is when they decided to add on to their SAP SuccessFactors tech stack by integrating Olivia by Paradox. This recruitment conversational AI assistant not only helped the firm in sketch out a brand figure, but also aided in activities such as candidate engagement and job exploration.

Now, even though recruitment starts with job ads and applications, it doesn’t end with the end of these processes. Hence it becomes extremely essential to choose the right candidate while deciding who should go to the next level. The technology that makes taking the right decision possible here, is actually the white elephant of the firm, barring the high expenses. We are talking about Candidate-Employer Match technology. Just like dating apps, potential employees are matched with the employers based on the eligibility, compatibility, and attributes.  End-to-End HR Solutions have now started gaining significant insights that can bolster the entire online recruitment arena to another level.

For Instance Arc Broward, a non-profit, therefore started using UltiPro’s Recruiting Platform to not only retains their valuable assets, but also to attract the employees which are the perfect match. The suave Machine Learning technology also saved the non-profit significant time and money.

Well, one can breakdown the entire recruitment process into different procedures and assign them to separate specialists who can then leverage distinct solutions, or you can incorporate a recruitment automation solution that will take care of everything ranging from sourcing, screening, scheduling to new hire onboarding, check-in, and relationship management.

A bi-directional integration between Workday and AlloyO in collaboration with Strio Consulting, does exactly that. This trio is exactly what the firms can harness when they wish to expedite the recruitment process, while reducing human error, and increasing the ROI.

One thing common with all the three cases mentioned is that there was a surge in productivity levels reported, which shows a positive correlation between the amplification of recruitment processes and overall performance of companies.

85 percent of the 13,000 job seekers surveyed from North America, EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) and APAC (Asia Pacific) regions by Allegis Group, claim that consistent communication throughout the recruitment process is the top driver of candidate satisfaction. AI assistants, Candidate Matching, and recruitment automation are all drivers of high-end candidate experience and end-to-end HR Solutions are to thank for the same.

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