HireRight Introduces Social Media Screening Partnership with Fama Technologies

Automated solution provides reports on publicly available online information

talent acquisition vs recruitment

HireRight, a leading provider of global employment background checks, drug testing, education verification, and electronic Form I-9 and E-Verify solutions, announces a new partnership with Fama Technologies, Inc. (Fama), an automated social media background screening platform hrtech news.

Fama analyzes a candidate or current employee’s digital footprint through their publicly available online data, with the goal of identifying any potential risks posed to the organization, which could include bigotry, sexism, and harassment. Through this partnership, HireRight will help customers build and maintain a positive corporate culture, while protecting against potential brand and bottom-line damage and maintaining high compliance standards when hiring hrtech.

“In a world where candidates and employees are active online, understanding the presence that they maintain through social media and other online platforms can provide employers with important information about what they will bring to an organization,” said Jim Daxner, Chief Product Officer at HireRight. “We are excited to be partnering with Fama and to be able to layer in this additional level of protection to ensure our customers are able to find and retain talent that embodies their organization’s core values and goals, while mitigating potential risks to their employees, reputation, and bottom line talent acquisition.”

Offered through a seamless integration within the HireRight platform, clients will be able to broaden the scope of their background check to include a social media search. Leveraging Fama’s technology, the searches will generate reports that offer comprehensive analyses that align with customers’ own hiring standards and policies.

Prioritizing the privacy of candidates and employees, Fama’s software searches only publicly available information online and evaluates only the behaviors that the employer defines as job-relevant, providing companies a proactive approach to identifying risk. The solution reveals only the information flagged as risky, helping to insulate employers from exposure to protected class information to ensure unbiased decision-making.


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