Hexaware’s Workforce Management Team Wins the ‘Most Indigenous Practice in WFM’ Award at Global WFM awards

Hexaware Technologies Ltd, a leading provider of IT, BPO and consulting services has been announced as the winner at the Global WFM awards, under the ‘Most Indigenous Practice in WFM’ category. Swapnil Nagvekar, Head of WFM represented Hexaware at the awards. Global WFM Network Forum is a worldwide platform that promotes innovation & excellence in WFM practices across several industries. Team Hexaware exhibited their digitization of workforce management practice along with automation in their reporting framework earning applause for this futuristic thought process.

30% of the existing global workforce in the outsourcing industry is expected to become digital in the coming years. To support this changing trend, a digital workforce management framework is essential. Hexaware WFM, has got the ball rolling by digitizing the entire reporting and RTA practices for internal as well as external customers. HrTech News

The reporting BOT framework at Hexaware is addressed as ‘The Abatus’ program. Hexaware WFM today has 70 such reporting BOTs functional in various diverse businesses transforming the entire reporting experience for customers. “Keeping with the organizations vision of AUTOMATE EVERYTHINGTM, CLOUDIFY EVERYTHINGTM and TRANSFORM CUSTOMER EXPERIENCESTM, the concept of Digital WFM is being marvellously driven and practiced at Hexaware,” says Chinmoy Banerjee, EVP & Global Head of Business Process Services, Hexaware Technologies. Chinmoy further added, “This automation initiative at Hexaware WFM has resulted in high levels of accuracy and savings for the organization and its partners. The core team is now empowered to focus more on analytics with the time saved from this robust framework.”


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