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UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group), a leading global provider of human capital management (HCM), payroll, HR service delivery, and workforce management solutions, announced today that Mosaic Forest Management Corporation, a company engaged in sustainable harvesting on the coast of British Columbia, Canada, is using UKG Pro and UKG Ready to take control of an extraordinarily complicated payroll framework that has over 200 pay-calculation rules within one pay group in Ready.

Mosaic is the timberlands manager for TimberWest and Island Timberlands — two affiliated companies that have operated on Vancouver Island for over a century, delivering sustainable forest management within their private forest lands and Crown tenure areas. Mosaic provides a range of services from harvest planning to operations, marketing and sales, finance, and payroll. The payroll requires complex pay administration including scenarios where employees in the field can, on a single day, work in a variety of activities with different pay rates, that change further as a function of the number of hours worked, and other premiums.

Prior to automating time tracking for unionized employees with UKG, most recordkeeping — including overtime, double time, weekend work, shift premiums, and vacation administration — was completed manually. Once these manual calculations were completed, a report was created and then imported into Pro for payroll processing. Managers spent significant time on paper approvals of timecards and overtime. Mosaic sought a solution that could support its complex pay structure and transform the pay experience for payroll, HR, managers, and employees. It selected UKG for its best-in-class workforce management solutions.

“UKG provided one of the only fully integrated platforms with the functionality to handle multiple job rates and the complexity of our shift premium rates,” said Louise Bender, director of people at Mosaic. “We were able to configure Ready to process our rules for different combinations of pay. We now have automated consistency across our organization and have access to real-time, meaningful data.”

For Mosaic managers and employees, the UKG mobile app is delivering a great end-user experience. Employees find it easy to record their work history on their phones, and they have visibility into manager changes and approvals, as well as point-in-time, electronic access to their pay statements that provide a detailed overview of their hours worked, various premiums and pay codes, as well as their various pay rates. Managers receive one, easy-to-consume report electronically, and they can divide the report by groups for closer examination. Overall, the company is saving dozens of hours each month through administrative improvements.

“Previously, payroll administrators could spend more than three hours a day inputting data, validating it, and calculating pay — time which they now allocate to higher-value activities,” said Chahat Sharma, project manager at Mosaic. “Interventions by our IT department have also been eliminated, such as data extraction from our legacy system and overseeing file feeds into Pro for payroll processing.”

According to Sharma, leveraging UKG for HCM and workforce management has expedited the company’s transition from manual processes to an automated solution.

“Our success is cross-functional, and we appreciate the time savings and efficiencies gained through the UKG products we have implemented,” said Sharma. “The interface between Pro and Ready is simple. For our salaried employees, we capture employee data through UKG Pro Onboarding and check a box if we’d like that information available in time tracking. Because of this simplicity, we are able to take advantage of the product’s features, including time off, calendar views, and vacation carry-over management. For our unionized employees, complex pay rules are processed in the UKG time solution, and then flow back into the payroll gateway for payroll processing. The integration works really well and helps to ensure data integrity.”

“Once company leaders have an opportunity to experience the impact that UKG can have on their operations, their business, and their people, they realize that HR technology is critical infrastructure for their organization,” said Chris Todd, president of UKG. “We commend the team at Mosaic for using UKG to make transformative changes to its business, and for achieving measurable improvements benefits to operations while enhancing the employee experience.”

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