Gusto® POS Rebrands as Qu™

New Products and Branding to be Revealed at FSTEC on October 1st

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Gusto POS announced today that it has rebranded as Qu™, the technology company that is going beyond the traditional Point of Sale (POS) of the past by delivering a faster, forward-looking, uniquely flexible, and singularly focused solution for fast casual and quick service restaurants talent management.

The comprehensive rebrand includes a new name, logo, positioning, and website, and serves to elevate the company’s focus on delivering an enterprise-scale, omni-channel POS platform. The rebrand also speaks to Qu’s renewed promise of moving Beyond. Together. The company is committed to moving forward in lockstep with its clients and other industry-leading technology partners to serve new generations of guests in the most innovative ways — today and beyond hrtech news.

While the Qu name is new to the market, the company’s reputation as a provider of advanced POS technology is not. After six years in business, enabling millions of monthly transactions across the US, and a track record of zero enterprise-client churn, the company has earned an excellent industry-wide reputation as being forward-thinking and always available to serve its customers.

“We are excited to announce our rebrand,” said Amir Hudda, Chief Executive Officer. “Rebranding as Qu builds upon our success and reflects our unwavering commitment to “quick” — from how we serve our clients to how they serve their guests. With its inherent flexibility, Qu is uniquely qualified to give restaurateurs the tools they need to move faster, stay nimble, and increase profits hrtech.”

Qu delivers an API-first approach that enables unparalleled flexibility; an omni-channel ordering solution that enables order taking anywhere, anytime; a modern gesture-based, conversational ordering design that delights staff; a cloud-deployed, but not cloud-dependent, architecture that keeps working even when the internet goes down; a rugged hardware platform that has been restaurant proven for decades; and the ability for clients to choose their payment processor. In addition, Qu has introduced the industry’s first virtual store-grouping model that eases enterprise management, whether clients need to manage 10 or 10,000 locations.

As Qu moves forward, it will continue its focused approach to developing solutions that are best suited to the needs of fast casual and quick service chains. “We believe that this segment of the industry is at an inflection point in terms of the next wave of technology adoption, particularly at the enterprise level,” said Bobby Yazdani, Founder and Managing Partner at Cota Capital. “Qu has the right mix of technology, talent, and partners to drive this change.”

With a focus on fast casual and quick service restaurant chains, Qu is focused. From order-taking to digital order processing to delivery, Qu is fast. By delivering on the promise of a single source of truth, sophisticated analytics and expert guidance, Qu moves forward. And, with the capability to leverage new and future technologies, Qu is flexible. Coupled with omni-present 24/7 phone support, Qu emerges as an industry powerhouse in restaurant POS technology.

About Qu
Qu™, formerly Gusto®, is going beyond traditional Point of Sale (POS) technology with a singular focus on fast casual and quick service restaurant chains. Leveraging an API-first approach and a core suite of omni-channel ordering solutions, Qu delivers an enterprise-scale, cloud-based POS solution that’s fast, flexible, and forward-thinking, making it easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to afford. Improved guest experience, best-in-class integrations, and centralized enterprise management are some of the reasons leading restaurant chains choose Qu to help them move faster, stay nimble, and increase profits. Learn more at or email


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