Guild Announces New Product Capabilities

Priority Pathways and Talent Development Analytics provide unique insights to help employers build robust talent pipelines and employees maximize their career opportunities


Guild, the leader in opportunity creation for America’s workforce, today announced two new product capabilities—Priority Pathways and Talent Development Analytics—to fuel career mobility for employees to advance internally. Recent studies report nearly half (48%) of companies cite improving talent progression processes as integral for building talent within their organization, and opportunities to achieve career goals at a company as the top predictor of employee retention. Guild’s new product capabilities offer a solution to these workforce priorities for employers and employees at a time when career mobility has become the required outcome to close the skills gaps, unlock pathways to the middle class, and remain competitive in today’s labor market.

To build a strong workforce from within, employers must be able to identify the skills and competencies required for success in the current and future job markets, and measure the impact of their talent strategies. Concurrently, employees need support to identify pathways with the greatest potential for advancement and future resilience, and access to learning and training to be persuaded to stay with their current employer. 83% of surveyed Guild members cite career advancement as a motivator to pursue additional learning and development. Guild partner Rocket Companies has been an innovative leader in connecting learning with internal mobility. The company’s team members have experienced a positive return on this strategy, with a 68% increase in internal role advancement by leveraging data insights alongside Rock Academy—Rocket Companies’ education program facilitated in partnership with Guild.

Guild’s new product capabilities synthesize labor market analytics and employer specific metrics to create clear, skills-based pathways that deliver comprehensive and resilient workforce outcomes. Priority Pathways encompass curated career pathways across the highest-demand job families, and Talent Development Analytics provide employers with visibility into their employees’ learning journeys through data and insights. Together, these product capabilities offer unique solutions to both employers and employees to create connections between business priorities and the skills, interests, and career aspirations of employees.

“We continue to enhance our product capabilities to provide unmatched support to help employers build sustainable workforces and give their employees access to greater career and economic opportunities,” said Dean Carter, Chief People and Purpose Officer at Guild. “Priority Pathways and Talent Development Analytics promote cultures of opportunity where employees feel valued and invested in the success of their employer, and companies benefit from highly-motivated and competitive workforces.”

Guild has developed 16 Priority Pathways—well-trodden and highly curated skilling pathways—outlining the career steps and credentialed learning that help employees advance their careers and meet their employer’s future talent needs. Guild’s Priority Pathways meet employees where they are in their skilling journey with offerings in the highest demand job families, spanning across data analytics, nursing, supply chain, finance, software engineering, cybersecurity, and more. These pathways cover 75% of most employers’ priority hiring needs, are pre-vetted for high-quality learner outcomes, and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each employer.

Guild has uniquely designed Priority Pathways that are iterative, agile, and flexible, which empower employees to build durable skills that are relevant to various priority roles within their company. Additionally, Guild’s pathways purposely include gateway roles, or stepping stone roles that are attainable to employees early in their careers and unlock advancement into multiple pathways so that they can realize success and maximize opportunities along their learning journey. For employers, Priority Pathways inform a strategically designed selection of learning programs to fuel internal mobility and drive business outcomes.

With Talent Development Analytics, Guild brings a dashboard visualization to employers’ Priority Pathways and strengthens their effectiveness by providing employers with end-to-end data insights on their talent pipelines. This includes highlighting key trends for employers such as program enrollment, program discipline alignment, and program progression. Guild offers the only available solution to equip employers with holistic data throughout the learner’s journey across learning institutions and programs.

The data provides talent teams with the information they need to harness internal talent for in-demand roles and helps ensure learners get connected to opportunities with high potential for continued career growth. Employers can now follow employees’ progress from early career exploration to graduation in order to proactively and strategically develop their talent pipeline. As learners get closer to program completion, talent teams can reach out directly to well-matched candidates for open positions. This helps ensure employees seeking internal mobility and pursuing education and skilling are top of mind for high priority roles. It also allows employers to measure the impact and enhance the effectiveness of their talent strategies.

“We put nearly $50 million into internal mobility last year and thoroughly tested the return on our investment,” said Joe Gage, Chief Human Resources Officer at Bon Secours Mercy Health. “The conclusion was, we are getting our value here unquestionably—retention increased, thousands advanced their clinical careers, and we cultivated a culture of growth—especially in diversifying our professional pathways within the organization.”

“At Guild, we center all of our work around opportunity and accessibility. These capabilities help employees understand the pathways to unlock opportunities with the highest potential for growth and career mobility,” said Allison Salisbury, Senior Vice President of Partner Solutions at Guild. “At the same time, they help employers confidently drive focus on priority talent needs aligned to their business strategies in order to build robust talent pipelines internally.”

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