GrowTal achieves 7X growth; quadruples client base since inception

The Rise of Fractional CMOs and Ongoing Layoffs at Agencies Fuel Growth for Top Talent Marketplace for Freelance Marketers


GrowTal, the premier marketplace for hiring top-level marketing professionals quickly and efficiently, today proudly announces an extraordinary 7X growth and quadrupling of its client base since its inception in 2020. This remarkable expansion underscores the company’s dedication to disrupting and transforming the hiring landscape for digital marketing talent.

Amidst the tumultuous landscape of reorganizations at agencies and the burgeoning trend towards interim and fractional Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), GrowTal has emerged as a beacon of opportunity for businesses and marketing professionals. Reports indicate that companies worldwide are undergoing significant restructurings, leading to a surge in demand for flexible and agile marketing solutions.

Since its inception, GrowTal has strategically focused on working with top-tier marketing experts to propel its growth, aligning with its mission to provide a superior platform for finding, hiring, and managing freelance marketing talent. GrowTal is perfect for businesses that aren’t quite ready to hire full-time, haven’t been able to find the right people on their own, or aren’t sure yet if investing in digital marketing is the right next step to fuel business growth.

Rather than emphasizing sheer numbers, GrowTal has prioritized quality and exclusivity, catering to startups and agencies seeking high-caliber professionals like fractional CMOs or marketers. This strategy has led to a remarkable 7X revenue increase and a quadrupling of its client base, strongly emphasizing nurturing long-term client relationships and fostering mutual growth. Here’s a snapshot of how GrowTal is delivering value to companies:

  • 62% average salary savings: Leverage GrowTal’s platform to cut costs significantly, saving an average of 62% compared to traditional full-time hires.
  • One week to hire a marketing expert: With GrowTal, find and onboard top-notch marketing professionals in just one week, ensuring rapid access to talent when it’s needed most.
  • Zero-risk, pre-vetted marketing experts companies can trust: GrowTal’s pre-vetted pool of marketing experts provides peace of mind, minimizing the risks associated with hiring and ensuring you’re working with trusted professionals.
  • Building your fractional marketing team: GrowTal is your growth partner for building a customized fractional marketing team. Access 12+ marketing roles for flexibility that matches your business needs.

“The market is undergoing a seismic shift, with companies increasingly turning to interim and fractional CMOs to navigate through the complexities of modern business environments,” said Bryan Karas, Founder & CEO of GrowTal. “At GrowTal, we’ve strategically positioned ourselves to meet this growing demand by providing a seamless platform for connecting businesses with top-tier marketing talent, empowering them to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape. As industry reports continue to underscore the importance of flexible marketing solutions and fractional CMOs, GrowTal remains steadfast in its mission to redefine the hiring process for marketing professionals, driving innovation and excellence every step of the way.”

“This was our first time using contractors, and GrowTal has been an amazing resource for getting us started with a freelancer to meet our business needs. All the matches were strong candidates, and we can’t say enough good things about our chosen marketer. Everything came together quickly, and we really appreciated how seamless the process was,” said Katie Duke, SVP of Business Strategy & Innovation at Acorn Influence.

One such success story is that of Sean Winnett, a performance marketing and fractional CMO, who found solace and stability by embracing the freelance opportunities offered by GrowTal. Reflecting on his journey, Winnett remarked, “I’ve had a fantastic experience working with GrowTal and have worked on several engaging projects, including one engagement that lasted over 3 years. My work as a freelancer allows me to be deeply involved in advancing brands and tackling aggressive growth strategies.”

Winnett continued, “What stands out about GrowTal is the quality of the matches and the flexibility they offer. As a freelancer, my schedule can vary, and GrowTal’s system allows me to take on additional projects when my bandwidth allows. This flexibility has been crucial in providing a steady source of income and maintaining a balanced workflow. I highly recommend GrowTal to freelancers who value meaningful engagements and desire control over their workload and income.”

GrowTal Unveils New Go-To-Market Program
In response to the market’s evolving needs, GrowTal has unveiled its innovative Go-To-Market program, specifically tailored to assist early-stage businesses in effectively building their marketing teams. This program aims to equip startups with the necessary strategies and resources to optimize their growth trajectory from inception, thus mitigating the risks associated with inadequate marketing efforts.

“Through our Go-To-Market program, we’re empowering early-stage businesses to bypass common pitfalls and accelerate their growth journey,” explained Karas. “By offering comprehensive support in building robust marketing strategies, we’re enabling startups to establish a solid foundation for sustained success.”

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