Greenhouse announces Greenhouse Goals

Greenhouse Goals provides recruiting teams with a solution to streamline processes and increase speed to hire


Greenhouse, the hiring software company, today announced Greenhouse Goals, a new feature that gives recruiters and hiring teams a structured way to set, track and measure against hiring goals. Available to all Greenhouse customers, Goals enables talent acquisition (TA) teams to set goals at an individual or company-wide level, offering greater transparency into their performance and visibility into areas of improvement.

Candidates want to move fast – and companies need to be ready to move faster. Results from the Greenhouse Candidate Experience Report show that over half (58%) of candidates expect to hear back from companies in one week or less regarding their initial application. TA teams have to remain agile and consistently look for ways to improve the entire hiring journey to create a culture that attracts, engages and hires candidates in a competitive market. By tracking against their goals in Greenhouse, recruiting teams can use data to see where they’re falling behind and make changes that have a positive impact on their time-to-hire goals.

“TA teams are juggling multiple deadlines while also building strategic hiring processes every single day,” said Henry Tsai, VP of Product and Design, Greenhouse. “Greenhouse Goals plays a critical role helping hiring teams strike a balance between identifying priority actions, setting clear expectations for hiring goals and offering guidance on how to improve. Using data as its foundation, Goals is the most recent example of how Greenhouse is committed to building tools that help drive operational excellence and lead to notable improvement over time.”

Customers use Greenhouse Goals to become more data-driven and effective in their hiring processes and decisions.

“The surest way to drive improvement is to be able to clearly see where your team is missing the mark,” reflected Clarence Lal, Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Planet Labs PBC. “Implementing Greenhouse Goals provided us with data that shines a light on where we need to improve – and how much. Having these conversations has had a noticeable impact on our business from the bottom all the way to the top.”

Greenhouse Goals helps TA teams:

  • Promote shared accountability with cross-functional goals that give visibility into everyone’s hiring efforts
  • Streamline processes by setting clear hiring objectives that lead to greater speed to hire and day-to-day efficiencies
  • Enable tighter collaboration by aligning and tracking against unified hiring practices
  • Drive more predictable outcomes for future hiring targets by consistently measuring against established goals

“Greenhouse Goals has potential to help TA teams of all sizes transform reactive behavior and chaotic hiring practices into repeatable, proactive and scalable processes,” said Robby Perdue, Group Product Manager, Greenhouse Software. “Greenhouse Goals gives TA team members a competitive edge because it provides them with a clear understanding of ‘what’s most important right now’ and the most impactful problem they are trying to solve. Setting goals shouldn’t just be a means to an end, it’s a more strategic way of hiring that sets a company up for success.”

Greenhouse Goals is now live and available to all Greenhouse Recruiting customers in their dashboard. To find out more about this new tool visit the Greenhouse blog.

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