GR8 People announces extension of the offer, as Virtual Event Solution for Recruitment gains foothold

GR8 People, the popular recruitment platform has announced that the company is extending its offer of free access to the virtual event solution for recruitment for 60 days for new users. The hrtech news had featured that the company initiated the free access offering to its platform almost immediately after the arrival of the global outbreak of the coronavirus in the United States.

Diane Smith, the CEO of the company has made the decision of extending the offering due to the increase in demand for access as well as the continued uncertainty in the economy.

The solution of the company, the Virtual Recruiting Event Solution joins the already existing video conferencing solution of the employers with the recruiting tools offered by GR8 People. This approach lets the users avoid putting their money in features they have already when they started with the automation of reminders and registrations, and pre-scanning of candidates along with inviting them to self-schedule.

A lot of solutions for recruiting have leveled up their attempts for putting their systems and solutions of virtual recruitment in front of the users and potential clients ever since the inception of the coronavirus pandemic. Unlike many providers who had to develop solutions, GR8 People already had a solution built and available for usage. Other players in the industry unveiled their solutions in accordance with the situations that arose from the regulations and limitations imposed during the lockdown in the country.

Many companies and organizations had to embrace the new working aspects of remote working due to shelter in place orders and soon enough a wide adoption of virtual recruiting was witnessed although a lot of employees and work staff were laid off or furloughed. There are still some industries that continue to hire even during these unprecedented times and many others who are developing their pipelines and inventorying for the future.

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