GoGestalt Drives Digital Talent Transformation

GoGestalt's framework helps the existing workforce onboard the digital transformation journey by bridging the digital skill gap and upskilling on digital competency and mindset

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GoGestalt, a digital talent development firm for enterprise workforce & new hires, accelerates adoption of tech enabled tools and digital business models by focusing on the human side of digital transformation. Clients realize faster pace of work, information transparency for insights & faster decision making and place the customer experience at center stage.

With the strengthened focus on the customer and the potential of technology to completely disrupt the industry landscape, digital transformation has become an increasingly important task for enterprises. However, according to an HBR article, more than 70% of organizations attempting digital transformations fail to realize the benefits of their intended goals. Primary reasons driving these failures include human specific elements like inadequate digital mindset, reluctance to change, fear of the unknown as well as fear of failure, insecurity of potential job loss and inadequate training and skill sets.

Built on the core principle that workforce transformation must complement tech centric digital transformation, GoGestalt addresses the human side of digital transformation by using a holistic approach of experiential and digitally immersive learning to upskill capabilities of current employees and new hires to bridge the digital literacy gap in the workforce.

“To be effective, workforce transformation requires not just understanding, learning and using new digital tools, but also embracing a new mindset to leverage technology for business success,” explained Rajesh Makhija, Founder, GoGestalt. “The GoGestalt framework is rooted in the premise that transforming the existing workforce into a digitally-competent unit requires a deeply integrated approach of techno-functional prowess, business domain expertise, and most importantly, the digital mindset.”

Prior to his time at GoGestalt, Makhija was simultaneously CEO of leading enterprise software companies Wyde (Life/P&C Insurance) and Eldorado (Health Insurance), both part of Mphasis, a $1Billion Blackstone majority owned IT services firm. In recognition of his performance in transforming these businesses, he was awarded the Gold Stevie Award for “Executive of the Year” and due to his work at Eldorado, received the Bronze Award for “Company of the Year” at the 2017 American Business Awards.

In furthering its commitment to the human side of effective digital transformation, GoGestalt acquired Aspire InfoLabs Inc, B2B talent management organization operating since 2015. Aspire focuses on custom talent development of early and mid career professionals for global technology corporations. The strategic merger has accelerated GoGestalt’s ability to provide custom talent transformation for digital readiness of enterprise customers.

“A key to successful digital transformation is for the workforce to unlearn outdated habits while embracing new technologies and processes, all while focusing on becoming continuous learners,” said Ravi Pattamatta, Co-Founder, GoGestalt. “We believe Digital is blurring the lines between business and technology calling for holistic talent at all levels. GoGestalt with the foundation of Aspire Infolabs Inc is well poised to help develop such holistic talent for our customers,” said Pattamatta, who until recently served as President and CEO of Aspire InfoLabs Inc.

About GoGestalt 
GoGestalt transforms the workforce to effectively improve use of best-in-class digital capabilities. Clients realize improved speed to market, more effective team collaboration, and measurable organizational performance improvement. That’s why GoGestalt was founded. Our proprietary methods include scenario based experiential learning, hands on methods to ensure adoption, and regular follow up to make new work methods stick. That’s followed by steady hands on exposure to the latest tools, business models and possible adoption to stay current & fresh.


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