Global People Analytics Leader Visier Announces “Vee”

Visier's Vee adds a simple conversational interface to people analytics, transcending charts and graphs with narrative answers to complex people questions; harnesses the power of Generative AI to automatically build reports and summaries in seconds.


Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and workforce solutions for people-powered business, today announced “Vee,” a powerful new generative AI-based digital assistant that adds a simple conversational interface to Visier People ®, the most widely adopted people analytics solution in the world. This new capability puts the right insights in the hands of any people leader with questions about their workforce.

In separate news, Visier also announced Smart Compensation, a new product designed to simplify the complex compensation planning process into an easy-to-use, data-driven approach that enables managers like never before.

“Visier’s founding vision was a questions-first approach to people analytics,” said Ryan Wong, CEO of Visier. “We’ve achieved a substantial part of this vision with 2000+ prebuilt questions available out of the box with Visier People today, but the rapid advancement of generative AI makes this vision even more compelling, more relevant, and more within reach than ever before.”

Vee translates natural language questions into Visier’s query language, returning accurate and perfectly-crafted narrative answers without relying on proprietary customer data. Vee makes the power of people analytics accessible to anyone, even those who are less comfortable interpreting charts and graphs. Vee can also be used to generate explanatory summaries from data visualizations, and it can be used to automatically build reports on behalf of a user.

Generative AI brings new insights into people data

While some workforce data is available to many people leaders today, they are often challenged in knowing where to find that data, and how to ask questions that provide actionable insights. With Vee, their digital assistant can learn and react to these questions to pinpoint the right information from the completely secure Visier People platform – and explain these insights in a way people leaders can confidently utilize.

At the core of Visier’s product vision is the aspirational concept of #askvisier, which is a moniker often used to describe the company’s shared ambition of turning complex people questions into simple answers for all people leaders. Vee, which can be accessed within the Visier People product, and via Slack and Microsoft Teams, makes it easier than ever before for people leaders to Ask, Explore, and Drive Action.

Ask: Ask Vee any question about your workforce and Vee will provide the answers in simple narrative form. Backed by Visier’s robust security model and utilizing a technique that doesn’t access proprietary community data, Vee will only share information available to you.

Explore: Drill deeper into the data with help from Vee, making it easy to explore more specific datasets. Gain further insights into business areas like turnover, risk of exit, pay equity, DEIB, employee lifecycle, burnout and more.

Drive Action: Once people leaders have used Vee to find critical insight, they can also ask Vee to convert these insights into powerful stories and dashboards for sharing with others, building alignment and driving change. No need to commission analysts to build out presentations and reports—Vee can immediately drive impact at scale leveraging real time data.

Vee puts privacy and security first

Most consumer-facing generative AI applications like ChatGPT draw from a massive collection of public information available across the internet. But building a generative AI application for enterprise organizations is a different challenge, because much of the underlying data is private and in some cases, highly sensitive. In order to support these privacy demands, a robust security model must be at the core of any solution.

Visier has the most advanced security model and permissions available, ensuring the results returned by Vee are only to authorized end users based on their assigned security model and associated permissions. This means that Vee’s answers from one person to another, while both accurate, will be different.

People insights made easier through Slack and Teams

In addition to using Vee inside Visier People, a new integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams allows organizations to ask Vee questions in the flow of their daily work. Managers throughout the organization can get valuable insights and data related to their teams and departments without ever having to log into Visier People by simply asking the question via Slack or Microsoft Teams.

“Imagine empowering managers with the ability to ask complex questions about their team, in a simple and concise manner, through a tool they use everyday,” said Adam Binnie, Chief Product Officer of Visier. “That’s a powerful change in the way we interact with people data. Rather than asking your HR team for a report, a simple question within Slack or Teams will provide the answer in seconds. This reduces the workload on HR and PA teams, and gives managers greater understanding into their workforce.”

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