Glassdoor in Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2024

The Platform for 'Real Talk' Among Professionals Ranked No. 2 in the Workplace Category


Glassdoor, the worldwide leader for workplace conversations and career insights, has been named to Fast Company’s prestigious list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2024. This year’s list shines a spotlight on businesses that are shaping industry and culture through their innovations, and Glassdoor is proudly recognized at No. 2 in the Workplace Category due to its evolution from a job site with reviews, salaries and ratings, to a platform for real-time career conversations among professionals.

The cornerstone of Glassdoor’s innovation is communities called ‘bowls’ that allow users to converse with other professionals on a wide range of topics, from Industry Bowls™ like ‘Tech’ or ‘Consulting’ to Interest Bowls™ like ‘Working Moms,’ ‘Black in Tech,’  and ‘Overheard at Work.’ There are also exclusive Company Bowls™ where users can engage with coworkers and leaders at their company. With varying levels of anonymity, users have the option to post or comment with either their full identity, as an employee at their company, or with just their job title.

“Since pioneering the concept of workplace transparency over 15 years ago, Glassdoor has always led with the voices of employees at the forefront of its product evolution,” said Christian Sutherland-Wong, Glassdoor Chief Executive Officer. “With Glassdoor’s communities for real-talk, professionals can ask questions, get answers and share expertise across all things work, life and beyond. We’re incredibly proud to see Glassdoor recognized by Fast Company for this innovation that introduces a new level of transparency and makes worklife better for everyone.”

Fast Company’s editors and writers identified the companies driving progress around the world and across industries, evaluating thousands of submissions through a competitive application process. Glassdoor ranks among other companies well known for their innovation and impact including Nvidia, YouTube, Taco Bell, and many more. Like Glassdoor, these organizations are setting new standards and achieving remarkable milestones in all sectors of the economy. Alongside the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies, Fast Company recognizes 606 organizations across 58 sectors and regions.

“Our list of the Most Innovative Companies is both a comprehensive look at the innovation economy and a snapshot of the business trends that defined the year,” said Fast Company editor-in-chief Brendan Vaughan. “We saw extraordinary innovation across the board in 2023, but we also saw a handful of clear patterns: the growing footprint and impact of AI, the triumphant return of live events, and great leaps forward in climate tech. We face daunting challenges on many fronts, but the solutions we celebrate in MIC give me plenty of hope about the future.”

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