FreshBooks Payroll: integrated payroll for U.S. FreshBooks customers

FreshBooks to Leverage Gusto’s Technology to Power Integrated Payroll Service

FreshBooks, a leader in cloud-based accounting software for small businesses and accountants, is expanding its suite of services with the launch of FreshBooks Payroll. This is an integrated payroll solution for U.S. based customers, leveraging Gusto’s top-of-the-line payroll technology. FreshBooks consolidates accounting, billing, payments, and payroll tools, allowing customers to effortlessly oversee their entire businesses health from one comprehensive platform.

FreshBooks data reveals that approximately 1/3 of small business owners do their payroll manually —  a task that’s time consuming, challenging and risky. The real cost of payroll errors adds up and impacts millions of business owners. In 2022, the Internal Revenue Service collected approximately $13B in penalties related to employment taxes, and a portion of those penalties were manual errors. Using software such as FreshBooks Payroll reduces manual errors, by providing owners an easy and intuitive platform and access to FreshBooks world class support service.

“FreshBooks Payroll makes the complex become simple for our customers. This deep integration with Gusto provides customers an easy-to-use payroll solution, leverages correct tax calculations and reconciles payroll movements between payout, accounting and bank connections,” said Stefano Grossi, Chief Technology and Product Officer at FreshBooks. “FreshBooks Payroll allows businesses to grow and scale with specialized tools, automatic workflows and integrated views that large businesses and global corporations use every day.”

Since 2017, Gusto and FreshBooks have cultivated a beneficial relationship between two tech companies, successfully exchanging hundreds of satisfied customers between the platforms. FreshBooks Payroll expansion marks a significant milestone in the seven year partnership between Freshbooks and Gusto. It demonstrates a fusion of technological expertise and a shared vision to empower businesses with comprehensive, integrated solutions that are both time-saving and problem-solving for users.

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