Exploding Digital Myths in Talent Acquisition: An AMS Whitepaper

The latest whitepaper from AMS gives deep insight into the common myths around talent technology and demonstrates the benefits it brings when implemented and embedded successfully.


AMS the global provider of talent acquisition outsourcing and advisory services, announced today the launch of its technology whitepaper, Exploding Digital Myths in Talent Acquisition.

Delivered in five separate chapters, the whitepaper aims to debunk some of the most common myths surrounding talent technology. Through AMS’s own in-house expertise and discussions with academics and other talent professionals across the globe, the paper explores how tech-enabled tools, when implemented and used correctly, can underpin workforce strategies and deliver better, faster, and more dynamic decisions.

In an increasingly technology focused world it is more important than ever to bridge the gap between technology and talent. Inspiring and equipping talent teams with the best tools and strategies is essential in a climate where skills remain in demand and competition for talent is intense. Embracing the right technology will help organizations to secure the best talent in the market and deliver on their business goals.

Featuring insight from third-party experts such as Josh Bersin of The Josh Bersin Company; Florenta Teodoridis of the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California; and Francesca Gino of Harvard Business School; the whitepaper will debunk 5 popular digital myths in talent acquisition.

The first myth: Talent technology will replace the need for recruiters and sourcers, is available to read today.

David Leigh, CEO of AMS said: “We live in a world driven by technology transformation. New technologies have touched all industries and businesses. The talent landscape too has been propelled into the digital sphere, whether that’s automated CV sifting or conversational AI driven hiring processes. Those who fail to embrace a technology enabled approach are increasingly at risk of finding themselves unable to deliver the workforce they need, thereby putting the business goals they strive for at considerable risk. From how to choose and implement talent technology through to the impact of artificial intelligence and automation on wider business, this whitepaper will explode some of the misconceptions around technology and give tangible advice on how to implement tech tools within your talent acquisition function.”

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