EverythingBenefits Enters Partnership with Industry Leading PEO, FrankCrum

PEO Software company will now offer the complete benefits automation solution on their platform.

EverythingBenefits, the provider of comprehensive, next-generation benefits automation technology solutions, today announced it has entered a partnership with industry leader, FrankCrum, one of the nation’s largest Professional Employment Organizations (PEO).

The partnership will provide thousands of FrankCrum business clients and their employees with access to EverythingBenefits’ entire suite of benefits automated tech, helping the company deliver a seamless, cutting-edge experience to its clients and further streamline administrative operations for FrankCrum.

“EverythingBenefits is uniquely positioned to complement the offerings of large PEOs and we are delighted to be FrankCrum’s technology partner of choice,” said EverythingBenefits Chief Technology Officer Daniil Fishteyn, “Through our partnership with FrankCrum, our ‘single source of truth’ platform will enable the organization to support its growing client footprint, allowing it to remain nimble as it continues to grow and scale.”

The FrankCrum team will join more than 10,000 employers and 600 carriers currently using EverythingBenefits’ Benefit Administration software. EverythingBenefits values the trust placed in it by its customers and is passionate about continuing to drive leadership in its market sector.

David Peasall, VP of Benefits and Human Resources for FrankCrum said, “EverythingBenefits will enable FrankCrum to automate workflows and scale to support our growing client base, all while delivering on our commitment to provide the PEO industry’s best HR service experience. Our clients and their employees will enjoy simplified benefits enrollment and ongoing management through a seamless integration with our existing HRIS platform, MyFrankCrum.”

EverythingBenefits’ solutions work to complement and elevate a PEOs’ existing offering, delivering a truly intuitive user experience that is seamlessly integrated into their overall operating experience. It delivers powerful analytics that offer actionable insights into a PEOs client ecosystem, helping customers make proactive decisions to support growth and scalability.


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