Employee Engagement Provider Shared Results of its Analysis.


KangoGift, Inc, the leading employee engagement and recognition solutions provider, shared today the results of its analysis of the changing trends in how employees recognize their own teammates. The results show a seismic shift in how employees are recognizing their fellow employees and the reasons they are doing so.

The top three changes are:

  • The day of the week that employees recognize their teammates
  • What time of day they recognize them
  • The shift to a values-based recognition pattern: they feel better working with people who have shared values.

In a break with pre-COVID tradition we are now seeing Tuesday as the most common day for recognizing employees. Pre-Covid, Friday and Monday were the days of the week when employees recognized their teammates for their contributions.  Also, before COVID there was a clear trend for sending recognition at the end of the day and now we’re seeing it spread out throughout the day.

“The COVID world has resulted in an incredible number of changes in the workplace and how we recognize and reward our teammates is the latest,” said Todd Horton CEO of KangoGift. “When I am speaking with human resources leaders, they confirm this trend as the new normal. Generally they attribute it to the new work from home experience, but they also report a lot more thought is going into why the rewards are being sent. We’re seeing employees appreciating the value of what their teammates are doing in more ongoing ways rather than a point in time.”

The analysis was conducted by examining data from Kango Gifts proprietary employee engagement solutions database.  The data was compiled by measuring month over month activity from March 2019 – March 2021.  All data has been confirmed.

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